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Ducksgo* 04-29-2010 03:54 PM

How do you measure a stick for your height?
As some of you may know I recently just got into hockey, I have been been all over Youtube today trying to find the proper stick to height ratio for players. All I can come up with is "Ohh it's preference....it's preference some people like it longer some people like it shorter". Or better yet, between your nose and your chin.

Well if we go off this concept, we are talking about 3 inches or so. I mean 3 inches is a lot of room if you ask me. Also It's frustrating for us new players since we have no idea of what or where preference is so we really can't go off that.

So where exactly would you cut if you just got into hockey? any particular length being easier than the other?, or does the perfect cut come in time after getting use to sticks while playing? if someone could shed some light on this topic I would greatly appreciated it. Thank you

jagged 04-29-2010 03:57 PM

I would start with a stick that goes to your chin when you're on skates, or to your nose when you're on your feet.

you will develop your preference over time.

certainly, if you watch NHL players, their sticks usually range from their collarbone to their nose on skates.

I personally use a stick that goes to my eyebrows when i'm on skates...

SERE 24 04-29-2010 04:20 PM

The rule of thumb is chin with your skates on, upper lip with your skates off.

The reality is only trial and error and discovering what works best for you will give you the proper height as every individual is different.

That said, depending on your height start by not cutting your stick (or if you're short, start with it up to your nose). Play with it like that and see how you like it. If it doesn't feel "great" than cut a half inch off and try it again. If it isn't great take another half inch off. Eventually you will like it.

LarryO 04-29-2010 04:30 PM

Here's something to confuse you even further. If your stick has a lower lie, you will tend to need a longer stick, a higher lie a shorter stick.

noobman 04-29-2010 04:32 PM

The stick should fall between the bottom of your chin and the bottom of your nose when you're on your toes.

First know that every hockey player should take two sticks to the arena. When you're new, stick to cheaper sticks! Buy one longer stick, and one shorter stick. Use both, and see which one you like. A stick that's too long might encourage you to skate high and affect your stance, while a stick too short might cause you to crouch over or keep your head down too much.

Ultimately, it's what feels comfortable for you. I like my stick cut so that it falls just under the chin.

O23L 04-29-2010 07:06 PM

I like mine to my chin on skates. But its really preferance.

A short stick is better for stick handles. And accuracy shooting

Long stick is better for poke checks, and harder shots.

So a forward should get a shorter stick with a flex about 75-90
Defenceman should get a longer stick with a flex 90+

jablueblue 04-29-2010 07:56 PM

Well hey it's preference, but since you don't have one yet.. start long and if you don't like it you can always go shorter.

jsykes 04-29-2010 09:47 PM

I use a stick that comes to my clavicle when I'm on skates. Its shorter than the standard recommendation, but its what I've used for many years and it works for me (well, with my skills as good as anything will ;)).

But like someone said, start with it a bit long at your nose on skates, give it a try. Then you can cut a little off at a time and try it again until you find where you're comfortable and works for your skating and style of play.

Jarick 04-29-2010 10:17 PM

I like the idea of getting two cheap wood sticks, keep one longer and cut one shorter, try two patterns, etc

Skraut 04-29-2010 10:46 PM


blueberrydanish 04-30-2010 12:00 AM

Well I can speak as a defenseman I really like my longer stick, although it is stock length Im only 5'11" so its plenty long enough for me playing defense. Even when I play forward at open or when Im just pinched in the zone with a "forward" type role for the moment I still prefer the longer stick at this point but that is probably just because Im so accustomed to it now.

When Im not on skates the stick comes up to my eyebrows, but my blade is also slightly longer than the average so that adds a little when just standing it straight up.

Might take you a little time before you truely decide, but just start out long or if you want to buy a decent woodie to cut down to test with.

Briere Up There* 04-30-2010 12:12 AM


Originally Posted by Skraut (Post 25546414)


FTW I use sticks that are just below my chin on skates.

Hockeyfan68 04-30-2010 12:30 AM

For the original poster, the stick being at the chin while wearing your skates is really a starting point. Everyone already answered basically the same thing and hearing "it depends on your playing style" may be irritating but it is true.

Fancy forwards like a shorter stick, shooters don't and defencemen use the longest sticks .... generally. there are exceptions and personal taste dictates that.

In other words it takes some time of expirementing to find YOUR length. Star with the chin and go shorter inch by inch.

Use actually playing on ice with skates as a guideline and not just shooting in your yard.

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