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REALLYBIGAFRO 05-08-2010 01:49 PM

Needing new skates $100-$200
Just joined a roller hockey league and my old and dusty skates aren't cutting it anymore. They were bought a few years ago and were a $50 Sports Authority special. What I am wanting is a stiff boot (what I have right now has no support) with good wheels and bearings.

The league we play in has a hard wood floor, and any recommendations for good wheels on that surface would be great.

I am looking to spend around $100-$200 and here are a few I have being checking out. And the hockey giant ones are 25%.



Any input or other skate suggestions would be great!


AIREAYE 05-08-2010 06:55 PM

cant go wrong with Mission, since the Assasins are on clearance I think they're your best bet. The liner on the older missions from Giant are really good for fitting your foot

REALLYBIGAFRO 05-08-2010 11:47 PM

Thanks for your input AIREAYE. And how do the new Bauer RX20 or the RX25 compare to say the Mission Assassin or the Mission Proto VSi?

What would you pick up? Why?

thedonger 05-09-2010 12:23 AM

bottom line is, you the skates gotta be able to fit your foot type. whether you're spending $50 or $500, it won't matter one iota if they don't fit properly. generally, the bauers and older missions are narrower fitting skates. if your foot fits that profile, the assassins and rx25's are both very good for the money. heck, i'd splurge a bit more and go for the lieutenants if they have them in your size.
if you have a wider, flatter foot, with a wide heel, then i'd look more towards the rbk 7k.
if you have just a big, wide, high volume foot, then you can look into the tour code carbons...good luck.

pass the bisk 05-09-2010 01:41 AM

I like the new Bauer line personally

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