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WeThreeKings 06-08-2010 09:08 AM

What to eat?
I've got the CBC play-on tournament coming up on June 19th-20th. It usually starts early in the morning so I'm wondering what is a good breakfast and lunch to have to have energy, avoid cramping or burping during playing.

I'm also a goaltender, so keep that in mind, if it makes any difference.

hof2120 06-08-2010 10:12 AM

Never played competitive hockey but when I had baseball tournaments I would never eat anything before the first game, just drink a lot of water and gatorade. Not sure how much help that'll be since hockey's quite a bit more physically demanding than baseball.

WhipNash27 06-08-2010 10:28 AM

They say a nice dish of pasta is good to eat a few hours beforehand. Give you the carbs you need for all that energy you're gonna burn.

noobman 06-08-2010 12:52 PM

A big bowl of spaghetti ought to do it.

WeThreeKings 06-08-2010 01:53 PM

Yeah, for lunch, some pasta seems like the popular choice.

But what about breakfast at like.. 7 am?

hsing 06-08-2010 02:04 PM

I always feel pretty sharp when I eat a oatmeal/cereal bowl with a banana and orange juice for breakfast. My suggestion : avoid too big or fat meal before any sports event. You don't want to feel heavy and still digesting during your game. I would also avoid coffee or energy drink but that's just my 2 cents.

Papadice 06-08-2010 02:25 PM

First of all folks, pasta a couple hours before the game won't do much. It's a more complex carb so it takes longer to enter into your system, break down and create energy. Pasta the night before is a much better idea as it's more of a 24 hour time table.

The most important thing to do to avoid cramping up and getting dehydrated is to properly hydrate yourself BEFORE the tournament.

I have played competitive ball hockey, in my league, in Provincials, Eastern Canadian Championships and twice in the National Championships, and as a goaltender (just to add some validity to this advice for you). I have also played in the CBC PlayOn tournament twice, winning the elite division once and losing in the finals the other year. And the key to taking care of yourself is hydration BEFORE the tournament.

Yes, it's great to drink water during the tournament to hydrate yourself, but you need to start before that. About 48 hours before any tournament starts, start drinking as much water as you can. Basically, water log yourself for the 2 days before the tournament (the crappy part is, you'll be urinating non-stop for those 2 days, lol). Then, the day of the tournament just drink water when you feel thirsty. Your body will already be well hydrated and you will feel MUCH better throughout the tournament.

I used to just drink (water) like a fish during the tournament and would always cramp up and get dizzy by the championship game. Several years back a guy that I know that's an assistant coach for a high school football team gave me the above advice about hydrating BEFORE the tournament and it completely changed my ball hockey career. In his words, "I know it's impossible, but for the 48 hours before the tournament, you want to have the attitude that you need to try and drink 4 of those 4 litre jugs of water a day... You won't come remotely close to succeeding, but that's the way you need to think". I've done this now for several years and never cramp up or get dizzy during games anymore.

As for meals during the day, the most important thing is stay away from grease and stay away from anything heavy, like steak... chicken and veggies is a great pregame meal... and during the day, try to eat as much fruit and veggies as possible as their are tons of carbs (more quick burning carbs) in that type of food... for breakfast, that's a harder one... I try to have a light breakfast before a game... nothing greasy like bacon or sausage... hard boiled eggs are great (tons of protein)... other than that, either a light cereal or a bagel, plus a banana... bananas are great for helping your body replace what your joints need during physical activity, plus they are very filling... just try and sit down and eat 5 bananas in one sitting and see how stuffed you feel... lol...

anyways, i hope this helps... good luck...

Badger36 06-08-2010 04:33 PM

Pasta the night before is the way to go. As for breakfast, Id suggest a big bowl of oatmeal.

Jarick 06-08-2010 05:01 PM

Papa is dead on with my experience. Here's my "optimal" intake for a night game:

- Day before: pasta with meat (carbs and protein with some fat)
- Morning of: balanced meal, oatmeal or toast (carbs), eggs with cheese (protein & fat)
- Lunch: salad with TONS AND TONS of lettuce (fiber to make me full), chicken (protein), SOME (not a ton) oil-and-vinegar dressing (fat)
- Pre-game: banana, orange, or apple (sugary carbs)
- Post-game: chocolate milk (sugary carbs & protein)
- Dinner: balanced meal

And drink a ton of water.

My body does better on protein and fat than on carbs, so I'm usually not carb loading or eating a ton of them. The key for me is to get really full on lettuce and veggies several hours before a game so I'm not hungry while playing. And eating a lot of greasy or fatty food a few hours before a game just sucks, makes me feel sluggish and 10 degrees warmer out there.

pistolpete31 06-08-2010 08:31 PM

Alright pretty sure you just want a breakfast so here we go:
Low sugar cereal with high fiber(wheaties), 2 pieces of toast with jam or peanut butter, apple/orange juice, hard boiled egg.

Pancakes, hash browns, couple eggs.(don't use much syrup)

Oatmeal, toast, eggs, orange/apple juice.

Try to stay low on sugar so you won't cramp or have jitters and you won't have any sugar rush come down. Also stay very hydrated so drink couple glasses of water and bring a water or Gatorade to the rink to drink. Also bring a power bar or granola bar if you need something to snack on.

Little Nilan 06-08-2010 08:53 PM

I honestly don't know how scientific it is, it's probably not even close to being scientific.

But usually, before my training sessions or before sports, I'll have something like:

half a pound of whole grain spagetthi
half a pound of ground beef
500ml of milk
2-3 eggs
a fruit

before the actual traiing/practice, I'll eat something like 4 skinless chicken drumsticks with fruit and immediatly before/during/after I'll have a combination of very fast acting carbs (dextrose or sugar) with very fast acting protein (milk or whey). Basically, either dextrose + whey or chocolate milk. Afterwrads, I'll eat about a half pound of spaghetti with half a pound+ of meat again.

BadHammy* 06-08-2010 11:34 PM

There's a substantial body of evidence suggesting protein before and carbs after, but that's for a span of a few hours. If we're talking 4-5 days, you do have to engage in carbo loading and you do need to hydrate before hand, but keep a few things in mind. 1) Be properly hydrated, don't water log yourself to the point you feel really bloated. 2) I know you're doing a two day tournament so this may not apply, but for 4-5 day and longer tournaments, about 7 days before, begin by eating a good bit fat and sugar in addition to a normal diet. I don't mean that you need to start shoveling down whole cakes, go for cashews, almonds, lots of red meat etc, do that for 2-3 days, then switching to healthy lean eating, good carbs and high protein only- say 110-120 grams per day- until it begins. 3) Don't do any exercising the day before a long tournament, except basic stretching, maybe some walking and light jogging, basically let your body rest for 48 hours.

HockeyGirl23 06-15-2010 06:44 PM

I have a couple quick and healthy breakfast ideas:

Peanut butter and banana on whole wheat bread
Bowl of oatmeal with soymilk or regular milk if you don't like soy(You can add bananas or blueberries)
Take two pieces of whole wheat toast, spread some cottage cheese, cut 2 boiled eggs and place on top, cut tomatoe and advocado slices and add a sprinkle of pepper!
Also drink fresh orange juice, lots of vitamin C and will wake you up.
Avoid coffee and anything caffeinated

Hope this helps!

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