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Cheli 06-18-2010 03:34 PM

Armstrong cancels summer development camp, voluntary off-ice workouts instead
Didn't see it posted. From JR:



One by one Wednesday morning, a group of 15 Blues leapt over hurdles on the track at Mary Institute-Country Day School. Several moaned that strength coach Nelson Ayotte had the last hurdle spaced too far, making it difficult to clear.
The club is not hosting its week-long development camp this summer, a wildly popular event among fans. Instead, it is holding voluntary workouts at the team's practice facility in Hazelwood and making occasional visits to the track.

The Blues say it was the choice of incoming general manager Doug Armstrong to cancel the camp and participate in more off-ice training.
Those involved like the idea.

"I'd rather have this than the prospect camp," Ayotte said. "Prospect camp, we try to cram everything in their brains and their bodies for a week. You can't do everything properly. You either compromise the ice (training) or the off-ice (training).
During Wednesday's sprints, which covered 50 meters, one group featured Janssen, Oshie, Johnson, Perron, D.J. King, Tyson Strachan and Brad Winchester. Perron won the race, and as he crossed the finish line, he screamed: "Take that, Janz."

Moments later, Janssen won and let Perron know about it. "I ran track at Eureka (High), you know," Janssen said.

Pietrangelo was routinely the fastest in the second group, which included Bishop, Cole, McRae and Brett Ponich among others. Ayotte eventually moved Pietrangelo into the first group. Ayotte says there is a direct connection between how fast a player is in shoes and on skates.

"If you're the fastest off the ice, you'll be the fastest on the ice," Ayotte said. "(Perron) was the fastest skater this year and he's the fastest right now on the track. (Janssen) is one of the fast guys. The correlation is pretty close."

Ayotte said he plans to eventually increase the height of the last hurdle to 42 inches from 39.

"It's for your power," Ayotte said. "The way to increase (power) is to recruit more muscle fiber at one time. So if you jump higher, you have to recruit more muscle. The higher the hurdle, the higher the tension, and the more speed on the ice."

WalterSobchak 06-18-2010 03:43 PM

Good read, it will be intersting to see how the lack of the prospect camp effects training camp, if at all.

The conspiracy theorist in me wonders if the movement of Eller, trading of Palushaj and return to Europe of Junland...just the over-all drop in talent in our prospects, has anything to do with it as it was very popular with the fans and the drop in the talent level isn't great PR anyway that you spin it.

STL fan in IA 06-18-2010 03:46 PM

Whatever works is fine with me. Their explanation makes sense - makes more sense to spread the on-ice and off-ice training over the summer than try to cram it all into one week. Have different guys come into town at different times so they can get more individualized attention, etc. and then send them back home with a customized workout play from Ayotte.

ChicagoBlues 06-18-2010 04:20 PM

Hurdles are a terrible idea. That has summer injury written all over it.

I trust Ayotte, but a safer way to do the power stuff is to do what skiers do. They do these isolated and observed power-jump-thrusts using resistance cables.

But what do I know? I'm only a man.:help:

sbkbghockey 06-18-2010 04:42 PM

Boooooo :shakehead

I'm calling BS on this. Most if not all prospects do voluntary off-ice and on-ice workouts.

Prospect Camp has been a hit with fans, and I think it's good exposure for the young players and a positive intro to St. Louis when you have 4000 ppl packed into a 1,500 seat arena just to see prospects.

It's also a good Marketing opportunity keeping hockey in the minds of fans during Cardinal summers. Merchandise was flying outta the ice zone last year- esp with Autograph sessions after the on-ice times. I forget did they have an area on season ticket info? if not that would be a good idea too.

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