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Maupin Fan 06-28-2010 08:21 PM

Vapor 60's vs. One95's
Can someone who has actually WORN and PLAYED in both skates give me some info on the differences between the two, especially in fit.

I've been told that one95's are a wider boot at the same D width than the vapor 60's. I've also been told that one95's fit a half size smaller than 60's, so someone that wears a 9 in vapors would fit well in an 8.5 in one95's. Also heard about differences in the toe box, with the one95's being bigger or something to that effect.

Can anyone give me some info on these questions?

I'm wearing 60's right now and they fit me great except I could have a better heel lock on the left skate, and I've heard that one95s are great for that. I can pick up a pair for cheap but don't want to waste any money if they won't fit right.

Tikkanen 06-28-2010 09:09 PM

I tried on the One95's and had instant pain on the top of both feet, boot is just too stiff for my feet. I bought the X60LE's coming from the 40's. I had pain on the inside of both ankles but just removed a small piece of the tongues with scissors where they were rubbing and I'm good to go. As far as I know the 2 boots are very different.

TheUndertow40Six2 06-29-2010 10:53 PM

The One95s are slightly wider at the ball of the foot, and protrude more at the ankle bone. The X-60s are straight, and not extreme in any one point. They fit a "normal shaped" foot. The difference in the toecap is minimal, but this and the arch are the two parts of a skate that WILL NOT break in for you. Both skates fit well for players with a high arch.
That being said, if you aren't locked into the heel pocket in the 60s, you won't see a market improvement in the 95s.

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