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Pierre Gotye 06-30-2010 05:30 AM

Memorable Adult Rec league games
Last night has to be up there!

My team had struggled it's first three games. But we improved every game.

As assistant Captain I made a strong recommendation to fix our defenseman corps so we did some lineup shuffling, at it worked!

My team had a solid outing, much more aggressive to the puck carrier.

We ended up winning last night 2-1! The game ended in shootout. Each bench had 16, that's right 16 skaters participate in the shootout. I got a chance to take a whack at it and came close.

But we won! It was a great victory...and, we beat the top team in the league.

You see fellas, it's all in your goaltending and defenseman corps. It's all about the right guys playing behind the blueline that I think makes all the difference in the world!

SouthpawTRK 06-30-2010 11:05 AM

Congratulations on the win last night! Good call on making the changes to your defensman corps, sounds like you got the right formula:yo:

Jarick 06-30-2010 11:17 AM

16 rounds! I want to take part in a shootout...we've only ever gone to a shootout once, and I was the first shooter, but then the ref blew the whistle and said we didn't have enough time :(

Frank Grimey Grimes 06-30-2010 11:18 AM

Nice suggestion and nice win.

I personally wasn't involved in this game, but I'm sure it was memorable for the people who were: http://blog.al.com/ray-melick/2010/0...mad_max_t.html

Noir 06-30-2010 12:17 PM

My first championship in a rec. league. 07/08

It's memorable in a sense that I had a really rockin' regular season, but struggled on the play-offs, but managed to get 2 goals in the final game incl. the GWG.

tarheelhockey 06-30-2010 12:35 PM

I once watched an adult league game where the teams brawled pretty much the entire first half of the game, then the underdog team won on a shocking SHG with 2 seconds left. Pretty intense.

O23L 06-30-2010 06:45 PM

Ive never been in a Shootout...
But i did take a penelty shot once :)

Nailed it. Went Datsyuk style backhand on their ass lol

Randall Ritchey 06-30-2010 07:01 PM

In a game, up 2-1 going into the third. This was this past session, were were on the cusp of securing a playoff spot with a win.
This team is a dirty one. Throwing hits left and right and using their sticks more for weaponry than scoring. But when they got their chances they finished most of them. Which weren't many.

Time running off the clock in the third, we were getting frustrated, as the game was now tied 3-3. I block three shots in a row and had to go off because to be honest, I thought I cracked a rib. They score to take a 4-3 lead with just under five minutes to go. I finally jump back out there and now I'm really burning. My legs were dead. My ribs hurt like a S.O.B. and I wanted this win. Bad.

I grab the puck and throw up the ice to my teammate, right between their two defenders. My teammate scores on the break to tie the game at four all.

Just under two minutes to go in the game, me and my teammate who scored 2 of the three goals and has a lot more than I did in the session. EVERYONE expected pass, but as the defender drew towards him, I cut to the slot and fired a shot. The goalie made a pretty decent blocker stop but the rebound jumped out right back to my stick. Kept moving to teh side, damn near on the goalline and I roof it on his blocker side as he was then out of position to win the game 5-4.

This got us to the playoffs, but we lost 4-3 in overtime in the first round against the team that one the championship. Needless to say I'll be going into this session with a lot of fire now.

Pierre Gotye 06-30-2010 07:05 PM


Originally Posted by Jarick (Post 26625500)
16 rounds! I want to take part in a shootout...we've only ever gone to a shootout once, and I was the first shooter, but then the ref blew the whistle and said we didn't have enough time :(

Dude it was crazy I have never seen anything like that before. Seen a few shootouts which get decided typically by 5 skaters from each team.

This one was nuts. I was one of the last shooters and thought that my chance to shoot in the shootout might be nixed, but I got lucky and got to shoot.

Frankie Spankie 06-30-2010 07:43 PM

First round of the playoffs for me last week almost ended as a very memorable night, but in a bad way. I'm one of the worse players on the team, I'm ok with that, so I don't score very often. I was shocked to have scored the first goal 20 seconds into the game. I very rarely start games, never mind actually scoring a goal on my first shift. :laugh:

Well we were all over the team in the first, we went up 5-0 with a couple minutes still to go in the first. The second started, still up 5-0, and the other team started scoring a couple when they had a forward hanging at our blue line. End of the second, we were only up 5-3.

Third period starts and they score a quick one to make it 5-4. Some guy on their team went in on a breakaway a couple minutes into the third and got hooked at the blue line, ref's arm went up for the penalty, he still kept going and then the same guy that hooked him stick checked him and he fell, so he somehow got a penalty shot for it. :facepalm: Of course, they scored, tying the game up.

We ended up getting a power play, probably a bit of a gift from the ref for blowing the penalty shot call, and we scored on that to go up 6-5. They were all over us in our zone and then one of our guys got the puck, flew up the boards, and just ripped a slapshot from the blue line and went so far into the upper right corner that if it went anymore into the upper right corner, it would've hit post. Was a better shot than you see in the NHL. :P He always complains about how he has no finish too so we made fun of him about that goal for a while. We ended up winning 7-5 but pretty much our whole team thought we were going to lost once they tied it up.

Heat McManus 06-30-2010 07:50 PM

4 Goals in a playoff game a few years ago.

Giroux tha Damaja 06-30-2010 08:11 PM

I was late to a play-off game in our league because of some car trouble and had to jump in net with out one warm-up shot (I hate playing with out a hard warm-up). My whole team was mediocre in the first period, except for me.... I was straight-up awful, and we were down four goals.

The next two periods we shut the door on them and tied it up with only a few seconds left to go into OT. We got out-played really badly in OT but the whole team's effort was huge and we made a lot of desperation blocks and plays and were able to hold them off. I was able to make 5 pretty decent saves in the shoot out, and when my team finally got a shot on net we won.

It felt really great because it was a team win. When I played really poorly nobody gave up on me or *****ed about it. And when the team needed to be bailed out, I was able to get it done. We all really enjoyed that win.

Congrats on your win Brent! Isn't it great when things come together?

SixthSens 06-30-2010 08:44 PM

Our team's down 8-7 closing in on the finish, probably around or just over 5 mins left. Mind you this is a ball hockey league, hence the high score, and we were in the bottom part of the standings in the league due to our goalie being crappy.

I then scored two straight to give us the 9-8 lead. Now, our goalie being as crappy as they were, let in a goal to tie the game up again. The goals that she gave up (like this one and others), were huge momentum killers. after that

My buddy and I then got a nice 2 on 1 rush, my buddy fired it, and the rebound popped right over to me (which at this point I was behind the goal line. I the extended my reach just enough to get a shot off, sending the ball over the opposite shoulder of the goalie who was on his knees covering the side I was on.

Definately one of my most memorable games. I haven't played ice hockey since grade 8 (I'm finished college now), so I don't really remember much from then, except the fact that my teams for 3 straight years won A Champs.

**** Farise 06-30-2010 09:32 PM

Playoff roller hockey game 5 years ago...we were the worst team in the league, and went win-less in the regular season (0-10, 0-12..don't remember which), but made the playoffs because I believe it was a 5 team league and they decided to let everyone in and make it a double elimination format or something.

Anyway, towards the end of the season people stopped showing up because we kept losing. And for this game we ended up with 3 skaters (total) and a skater sub-ing in for goalie....yea we played 3 vs 4 the entire game. And the other team had 2 or 3 subs.

We ended up winning 6-5 in overtime, I had 2 goals and 3 assists (and they only counted primary assists in that league) including the game winner in OT. I started behind my own net, deked around 3 players and got into a 2 on 1 and fired low blocker side. Just as I shot this guy I had pissed off earlier in the game lifted my skates from behind so I ended up celebrating Bobby Orr style. Definitely the best individual game I've ever had.

OkimLom 07-01-2010 10:15 PM

Not exactly amazing but Gutsy effort.

In my roller hockey league we had 5 guys dress for us. The one kid decided to be goalie. Nobody wanted to play for us so we played one of the most lethal teams in the league. So we started the game and first shift a kid fell awkardly into the boards. Busted his eyebrow wide open. Put a bandaid on it. They score 2 goals at the end of the 1st period. Guys were coming up to us telling us good period.

2nd period we decided to play very conservative. We would just clear the puck out of the zone. No chasing. Well they score 1 goal.

We get a good rest from the intermission. 5 minutes in I block a shot with my head. As I go down I chip it past the two defensemen and my teammate races in and scores on the breakaway. They reply with their own.

Game over they win 4-1. At the handshake line they gave us a standing ovation. And congratualted us on a fine game. The crowd watching came up to us and gave us pats on the back. A few helped us out, with including, who turned out to be my current significant other. I guess you can say its our first date.:naughty:

predfan24 07-02-2010 09:47 AM

I've actually Ben apart of 3 or 4 shootouts that have gone 15+ people. Every time it was the same situation. Playing in a lower level league with 2 great goalies playing below their levels and only 2-3 people on each team had a legit shot at beating the goalies. After them the other guys just were not scoring.

noobman 07-02-2010 01:09 PM

My first adult rec league game is probably my most memorable. I remember thinking to myself going in that my once long reach and size would be average; that I would get thrown around like a ragdoll and have to accept a more defensive role.

First shift of my first game I get the puck, skate right around the defender and beat the goalie low blocker. Needless to say, the celebration afterwards was HUGE! I finished that game with four goals and only scored three more for the entire season for 14pts in 15 games (lost 10 due to injury) :laugh:

Vito_81 07-02-2010 06:34 PM

Nothing like a shootout. I've only been in one and I actually had a chance to win the game. Went backhand on the deke, had the goalie down and out but whiffed on the shot and didnt get it up enough.

Since that day I've been hoping for another chance to make up for it.

Jarick 07-02-2010 09:54 PM

A few memorable games for me:

2nd league game - my buddy and I both scored, we were on the same line, good times

1st season league game - we had been shutout in back to back games and were down 3-0 with 5 minutes left in the third...one of our guys finally scores, we score again, and score once more to tie it up. in OT, I have the puck in the corner and center it to the net and it banks in off the goalies skate!

last summer - first championship game, was a tough game but we won! great feeling.

this past season - we were on a losing streak, going up against the second best team in our division...we were down 5-0 and were outshot 25-5 in the period and a half. out of nowhere we start scoring and tie it up, went into OT, and I SNIPED a game winner from the blue line with a wrister, top shelf :D

another game this season - we were playing the best team in the league and a couple of our best players were injured, but we shut them out. painful part for me...10 minutes left in the third and they have a 2-on-1, goalie takes the shooter but he passes, wide open net, and i slide to block the shot...WITH MY PACKAGE. that was so painful, but totally worth it.

Grabo59 07-03-2010 11:39 AM

When Glen Metropolit showed up to play in one of our beer league games...that was pretty cool.

Chobomin 07-03-2010 12:02 PM

Our roller hockey team was down 5-2 with 2 minutes left, we stacked our lines and promptly scored 3 to tie the game with 30-ish seconds left. The game goes to 4-on-4 OT, and one of our less-skilled defenseman takes a dumb too many men penalty :(

When all hope seemed lost, our best player scored on a beauty rush shorthanded to win the game 6-5 in OT. Best game I've participated in.

Pierre Gotye 07-06-2010 08:33 PM

This week's battle is brewing up to be one of those.

It's half of my former team against the other half of my current team.(Yeah we had a split locker-room, at the end of the winter season).

At any rate, the other guys have been talking some serious crap about us this week.

They are 2-2, while we are 1-4.

I did some digging around on them, and it looks like they have about 3-4 guys who are C level players playing on their team. They have about 5 guys who have either an equal amount of points to games played or more. Only one guy got moved up.

Pretty cheesy stuff.

We already had our 1 C level player get moved up, and it's not like he was exactly lighting the lamp for us.

Game is Thursday night, wish me luck.

ponder 07-06-2010 08:55 PM

Pretty much every game against a good team that gets chippy/dirty, where we squeak out a close victory. Can't wait for summer league playoffs to start this friday!

Devil Dancer 07-07-2010 10:13 AM


Originally Posted by noobman (Post 26702163)
First shift of my first game I get the puck, skate right around the defender and beat the goalie low blocker. Needless to say, the celebration afterwards was HUGE! I finished that game with four goals and only scored three more for the entire season for 14pts in 15 games (lost 10 due to injury) :laugh:

Funny, I had four points including a goal in my rec league debut. I thought they would all be that easy, but I didn't realize we were playing an expansion team at the time. Still, it was great, I had been a little nervous beforehand because I had never played organized hockey before, but it turns out I'm the best forward on that team.

JayDubayou19 07-17-2010 06:00 PM


Originally Posted by Grabo59 (Post 26724983)
When Glen Metropolit showed up to play in one of our beer league games...that was pretty cool.

Glen was my neighbor on Long Island when I was 5 or 6 years old, he was playing professional roller hockey on the Long Island Jaws I'm pretty sure.

He was the nicest guy ever, and played wiffle ball with us all the time.

I'm almost 19 now, for those who are trying to gauge how long ago this was.

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