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dynamoovechkin 08-25-2010 01:26 AM

94 Finals gm 3 in VAN, Kovalev goal
Ok, Rangers are up in the series 2-1 but down 2-0 in Vancouver in game 3 of the finals, score two to tie it, now in the third period. Leetch with an end-to-end rush, blows by Brian Glynn at the blue line, goes to the right faceoff circle and slides a sweet pass to Kovalev who comes streaking through the slot. Kovalev chips in a pretty as you please one timer over Kirk McLean's glove and the Rangers go up 3-2, and are about to go up 3-1 in the series, heading back to the Garden. What a great moment- we all remember it right?

So after Kovelev scores, NOBODY comes to celebrate with him. NOBODY. (On the ice at the time were Noonan, Matteau, Zubov and Leetch). Alex skates over to Leetch, who doesn't even acknowledge him, and skates right by. Anybody ever notice that?

Alex is a young player having a YUGE playoff, and yet gets snubbed by his teammates at a pivotal moment.

So what's up with that?

Radek27 08-25-2010 02:13 AM

I know exactly what goal your talking about. It was a nice one for sure. I don't know what was up after that goal, to me Leetch just looked too exhausted to celebrate.

Kovy never gets the credit he deserves in that 94 run. I doubt we got past NJD if it wasn't for #27 scoring that first goal in game six and assisting on every Messier goal for his famous hat trick.

White Plains Batman 08-25-2010 03:40 AM

Alex was huge during that Cup run and also the next year in that series against Quebec.

He may have never lived up to his hype here in NY as a Superstar but it doesn't matter, he played his best hockey when it mattered most.

It's a shame they didn't have him in 97 too because he was injured. I don't think the Rangers beat the Flyers even at full capacity, but a healthy Kovalev/Sundstrom/Berg plus a Leetch without the frozen wrist make that a lot longer of a series.

billy5077 08-25-2010 06:33 AM

If you watch Leetch's rush you can see him slashed twice as he enters the zone and a third time after me makes the pass to Kovalev. He was skating off in pain and Kovalev was going to check on him. There was no celebration cuz he was trying to get off the ice. to the trainer. I remember my cousin screaming how the Canucks were hacking and wacking Ranger players all series.

Avery316 08-25-2010 10:21 AM

Leetch was slashed and caught a highstick in the chin on the play as you can see from the post game interview where he had blood trickling down his face.

hpNYR 08-25-2010 10:32 AM

Without Kovalev...that 94 run might have not been the same.

n_a_c 08-25-2010 11:41 AM

I donít recall that goal.

But I do recall that after game 6 against NJ Ė Messier got the hat trick and all the accolades, but IMO Kovalev was the best person on the ice that game. I agree 100% - without Kovalev, 94 might have ended quite differently.

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