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Baggy Spandex 09-27-2010 10:40 AM

Anyone have experience with Warrior Pro-Stocks?
I'm currently in the market for a new twig as my S17 blade is starting to fall apart. I've been using S17's for the last year or two, and while I love the stick the blades soften fairly quick. I do take a ton of snapshots, so I'm assuming that doesn't help, lol. Looking to pick up a cheaper replacement before this one gives up so I can use the S17 as a backup.

I'm stuck between two very different sticks. I know the difference between retail and pro-stocks, and those differences are a non-factor. I'm looking more to which is the better stick for the money.

I'm between a retail Vapor X:40 and this stick, a pro-stock Warrior Dolo DD.


It's the Dolo that I don't know much about as far as weight, durability, puck-feel, etc. I've read a ton about the X:40 being a great price-point stick, and some reviews say the puck feel is kind of crummy but overall it's a good stick. Would the Warrior pro-stock be a bit better overall? It's right on the money as far as price goes for me (no-pun intended, lol).

Blueshockey2* 09-27-2010 10:58 AM

I bought a pro stock Warrior AK27, it was stamped with Malik when I received it, loved it, puck absolutely jumped off the stick, downside is I broke it in 3 games

Baggy Spandex 09-27-2010 11:03 AM

Hmmm...I'm really diggin' the look of the Langenbrunner1 curve, as I'm used to the Easton Sakic and it appears very similar. I would be inclined to think the pro-stock Warrior would be as durable, if not more so, than a retail X:40?

kenmei 09-28-2010 03:49 PM

I went from a s17 sakic to a Warrior Dolo HD Pro Stock, I'm in love with the thing. Currently using my s17 as a backup to the Dolo and have never looked back.

Dolo feels a lot lighter than the s17, and my s17 was cut down a bit, while the dolo is fullsize.

Canadian Chris 09-28-2010 07:51 PM

I got my hands on a pro stock Gary Roberts Warrior Dolomite last year...loved that stick to death! Puck felt great on the blade...the general make up and balance of the stick was amazing. Absolutely no complaints...until it broke on sunday :cry:

That being said, I probably had near 40 games on it over the past year. Am definitely looking around to see what I can find again!

TBLfan 09-29-2010 01:20 PM

Dolo HD is a high end stick, X:40 is not. The Dolo is a better stick. I had a S17 a few months before it came out for retail sales, I still have it. It has no chips, no scratches. The S17 sucked so bad, in my opinion, that I didn't use it for anything other than coaching and even then I only used it maybe 5 times. I use Dolomites on a regular basis, along with one95s, an X:60 and R2X10s.

The difference is that with the Dolomite you won't have a warranty, that's why it's cheaper than the retail Dolomite.

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