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ark 10-09-2010 02:19 AM

Using Goalie Ice Hockey gear in indoor ball Hockey
Just wondering if there is any cons in doing so, or if its even a viable idea.

Looking at what I can find in store(which isn't much), there are street hockey gear but they're either cheap and crappy, or decently priced and still crappy(aka, nylon pads with some synthetic leather 'padding'), about $250 for pads, mitt, blocker and chest guard.

I was talking to a few people and one suggested looking at ice hockey gear, they're built alot better and will last longer. But its heavier and usually bulkier. I found a barely used set(pads, mitt, blocker, chest protector and mask) locally for $300~, and I've been thinking about using it. Size wise they'll fit me well, 5'8" 150lbs, though I'll probably want to take a look at it before paying for it. I'm just a bit wary of mobility, weight and bulkiness.

Or should there be something more specific I should look for? I'll be playing indoors, though at times outdoors, school parking lot at times.


Thepandamancan 10-09-2010 06:19 AM

It's a viable idea. When we play ball hockey, the goalies use full ice gear and have no issues. Your mobility is already compromised by the fact that you aren't playing on ice and lose the ability to move side to side easier and you can't slide around on concrete/sport court.

I'd consider getting used pads since it'll just get torn up. You can buy everything else new, but relatively cheap. Remember, you don't need to protect yourself from a heavy, frozen puck.

The only thing you may want to look into is a thinner chest protector. They sell some which basically look like a baseball catchers chest protector with pads for your arms.

Gino 14 10-09-2010 10:33 AM

The only downside to using ice gear for roller hockey is that the pads tend to wear more in roller depending on the surface you play on and they don't breath as well as the cheaper and lighter roller pads.

vuvuzela 10-09-2010 02:53 PM

I use Canadian Tire CCM ball hockey gear.

I bought my pads 6 years ago for $99 (regular $150) and I love them. I've used ice hockey pads in goal before and prefer using pads made for ball hockey due to the weight and mobility.

The blocker and catcher were bought for $45 each and are solid enough to protect you and are super light.

The guy who mentioned a lighter chest protector is right as well. I made a modified chest protector using a player chest protector with arm protection sewn on.

No matter what you choose, I recommend you pick up a couple rolls of duct tape for protection.

When I bought my gear new, I covered all the main contact points in a layer of duct tape. Any time it wears down I cover it up and every 3 or 4 months I pull off all the old stuff and replace it with fresh stuff.

I just fixed up a friend's gear (road hockey pads and ice hockey blocker/catcher), here's how it turned out:


For me, the most important parts to protect are the front edges of the blocker, all the edges of the glove (basically any part the touches the ground when you scramble to cover the ball), the toe area and knee area of the pads. I also cover most of the inside area and a lot of the outside area of the pads and try to cover any part of the glove that has laces holding it together.

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