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Kaktus* 10-19-2010 07:24 AM

Flyers medical staff (Why They May Not Be Getting It Done)

Just curious what people think about this article. This is a 1st time someone is taking a shot at Flyers medical staff since Lindros time.

Emery, Vaananens finger, Gagnes multiple back to back injuries, not having a clue about concussions or groins. There are multiple examples of Flyers medical and conditioning **** ups



Jim McCrossin is the athletic trainer and strength and conditioning coach for the Philadelphia Flyers and Adirondack Phantoms. He has been with the club for over 10 years, and is one of Bobby Clarke and Ed Snider's "good ol' boys."

McCrossin, a graduate of West Chester University, may be the reason that the injury bug has taken a permanent residence in Philadelphia.

Excluding Ian Laperriere's injury (which obviously is not a result of poor conditioning or treatment), the Flyers had six injuries at the end of last season. Goalie Michael Leighton has a bulging disc that bothered him during the playoffs last year and has now caused him to be place on the Long Term Injury Reserve for the start of the season.

Dan Carcillo suffered from a sports hernia and hip injury, with surgery to repair them. Ville Leino had hip surgery, along with goalie Johan Backlund. Blair Betts had surgery to to his shoulder...again. Chris Pronger finishes the list by getting surgery on his knee, which was very secretive and the extent is not truly known. The Flyer's maintain it was routine.

Injuries happen to all teams, especially in contact sports. But what is of concern is that these injuries are still hanging around. Leighton is finally having surgery after months of rehab that did not work out. Backlund has a history of groin and hip problems. Betts also has a history of shoulder issues; he was sidelined earlier last year with shoulder problems.

What is the cause of the on-going injury woes of the Flyers?
Jim McCrossin and his staff
Bad luck
Players' neglect
Total votes: 61

Betts, Leino, Pronger and Carcillo are still nursing their injuries even though they are playing. Carcillo has seen diminished ice time, along with Betts, and it is obvious that they are not 100 percent yet. Backlund was unable to compete for the backup goalie job, as he saw only a period and change in the last preseason game due to the injury.

All this effects the Flyers. Not having guys at 100 percent or constantly coming in and out of the line up with injuries destroys team chemistry on ice. It also, simply, does not allow you to put the best guys on the ice.

But is this bad luck of one year, or a deeper issue?

This is no isolated incident. Simon Gagne had plaguing groin injuries which contributed to his being traded this offseason. Antero Niittymaki's career was almost ended because of constant groin and hip problems. These problems only subsided after he left the caring hands of the Flyers.

All of these injuries (besides a hip or two) are muscle related. Muscles tearing, pulling, spraining, bulging. Muscles easily tear or bulge or pull or strain when they are not properly worked, strengthened or are improperly rehabbed.

This falls on the medical staff led by Jim McCrossin.

How many more players will have to re-injure groins or labrums before the Flyers realize this is more than just a coincidence? Yes, some players are just injury prone. But it seems like since McCrossin has come aboard more than the average amount of injuries occur each year that can be easily avoided.

However, the way things are run in Philadelphia, McCrossin will not be replaced; or if he is, it will just be with one of his assistants that carry on his methods while he gets a newly created position within the organization. A big part of hockey is played on the ice, but preparation and off-ice training should not take a back seat.

Better medical treatment and better strength and conditioning will cut down on injuries in the first place and help eliminate their re-occurrence later in the year. It will also lead to faster recovery time for players which will result in a better product on the ice-- a product that may lead to a Stanley Cup.

GKJ 10-19-2010 08:43 AM

The site is blacklisted through the filter, which means it's not a reputable media source. That doesn't mean you bypass it by telling everyone where it's at, it means it's not allowed.

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