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cjspencer 10-28-2010 12:07 PM

warrior ak?
alrighty i've been using a senior warrior ak two-piece stick for about the last 3 years, i love it but i recently borrowed my friends one-piece vapor and i immediately knew i needed to get a one-piece. my old stick is starting to fall apart anyways, my blade pops out and i have to hot glue it like once a month.

anyways, i was looking at new sticks and i found the new warrior ak.

is this pretty much the same stick as the original ak, just as a one piece stick?

does anyone here use this stick, any feedback, pros/cons?

i'm 5'8, 150, play center on a midget bb team. i usually like shorter sticks as i'm more of a puckhandler/dangler. durability would also be nice as i like to grind in the corner and block shots

Jarick 10-28-2010 12:25 PM

Many one piece sticks are actually two piece sticks painted over at the joint. It could just be your stick is worn out.

The one piece AK actually has a bit of fibreglass in it for added durability and lower cost, which means it will be a little heavier than the AK shaft and have a little less kick. But for what you're describing, it sounds like it would be a good choice.

Also for your stick, glue doesn't hold the blade in:

Use a heat gun to heat up the shaft, holding it a few inches away, aimed a couple inches from the end, and rotating it slowly. It only needs to be heated for about 10-20 seconds; too much heat can cause the finish to bubble and damage the shaft, which may lead to premature breakage. Once the shaft is heated, insert the blade.

After the stick has cooled for about 10 minutes, test the fit to see if the blade is too loose. Grab the blade in one hand and the shaft in the other and wiggle. If there is any movement or cracking noise, you should heat the shaft again and remove the blade. Try adding a layer of hockey tape to one of the sides of the tenon (length-wise), which will take up some slack. If it's still loose, add another layer of tape. Anything more than two layers indicates a poor fit and you should use a different blade.

TBLfan 10-28-2010 05:30 PM

The AK OPS sucks. You have two differences between your combo and your friend's Vapor.
1: The make, Bauer at the moment, has the best OPSs on the market(in my opinion).
2: The kickpoint. With any standard shaft, including the tapered Z-bubble, you will have a higher kickpoint. Vapors have a low kickpoint.

The kickpoint is the main difference, in my opinion. You have a couple options, there's the X:60 which is a fantastic stick, with a ceramic feel for the puck. Or you have the Dolomite DD, again a lower kickpoint stick. The Dolomite is a OPS version of your AK27 with a different blade(which is probably the second best blade available at the moment). The Dolomite is also about $40 cheaper than the X:60.

That is if your AK27 is actually done. You don't need to pull and reglue the blade(like Jarick mentioned). I have many two-piece sticks and I don't use glue. You may need to "shim" it with tape by laying a piece of tape around the tenon.

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