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Cayouche5 06-13-2004 09:48 PM

Cayouche's 2nd Mock draft
Round 1

1. Washington Capitals : Alexander Ovechkin
The clear cut #1 prospects, one of the best prospects in 10years with Kovalchuk and Lecavalier. Only with him, Washington can have faith to have a brighter future.

2.Pittsburgh Penguins : Evgeny Malkin
Some say ''too bad for Pitsburgh cause they deserved the pick more than Washington, but I think Malkin is a very good prospects and a good base to built on it. Penguins have Fluery in goal, Orpik Welch Whitney on D and now Malone Malkin Kotlsov Kraft on Offense they will be feared someday hopefully it'll be in Pittsburgh.

3. Chicago Blackhawks : Rotislav Olesz
I always see Olesz drop on other mock draft, sometimes to #6 others to #7, I still think he's the #3 guy and Chicago ( or another team ) will draft him at #3 spot in two weeks. He's a complete player and i don't think his concussion will affect his game.

4. Columbus Blue Jackets : Cam Barker
They need some young defense and Barker is the best available, he can do it all great first pass, good size and can but don't always do it throw big HIT.

5. Phoenix Coyotes : Andrew Ladd
They pass on Tukonen but they have the chance of taking the power foward of the draft who is very similar to Shane Doan and they won't pass on him, they have young defense and a good prospect goalie in LeNeveu, so I think they will go with a fowards.

6. New York Rangers : Lauri Tukonen
I feel bad to see Tukonen out of the TOP5 cause i really love him, he have the never say never attiude, size and good playmaking skills that make him unless somethings bad happen a sure fire NHLer.Like Michalek last year his offensive skills are underrated and he will show you how to play hockey and he will make the Rangers a good organization again.

7. Florida Panthers : Marek Schwarz
They have the best young goalie in the NHL in Luongo, true but in 3-4-5 years when he will left the panters by UFA or ask for a trade or ask for too much money who will they have in net, who will replace him ? Andy Moog ? if they don't draft or find a young goalie they will be in trouble, Schwarz is the perfect fit and they can wait 3-4-5 years with Marek and wait him to be ready to make the Big Jump.

8. Carolina Hurricanes :A.J. Thelen
The 2nd best Defense in the draft, and I don't think Thelen is far behind Barker. He's Big, Mobile can play well in all the 3 zones, the complete package. Carolina don't have a lot of prospects and needs almost anything ( except Goalie ) so the BPA is the way to draft.

9. Anaheim Mighty Ducks :Alexander Radulov
Anaheim seems to like drafting Russian in the first round, Smirnov Chistov Vishnevsky , and they won,t do it differently this year by making one of the most skilled player in the draft their 1rst round pick. Radulov always want to be the best player on the ice, some say he have attitude problem, i don't buy that.

10.Atlanta Trashers : Robbie Schremp
They need some skilled upfront but with Heatley and Kovalchuk already stars in the NHL, they can draft a High Risk/High Reward player like Schremp. If he reach his potential he can be a star in the NHL he have great hands and can do some wizard move with his stick when he have the puck but when he doesn't he's not very effective. He need to work very hard on his defense.

11.Los-Angeles Kings : Alvaro Montoya
I think it's a bit high to draft Montoya and that's why I can see L-A trading down ( 12-16 not 17th cause St-Louis is the only one team i can see being interested in a goalie) , but if they stay at 11 i think Montoya is their best choice casue they have dept everywhere execpt in goal the only have Ryan Munce who is a good but not great prospects.

12.Minnesota Wild : Alexandre Picard
I'm high on Picard, he's a good siper and doesn't shy away from physical play, he is a constant offensive threat, comes playoff time he elevate his play. Captain Material IMO. I know some say Minnesota needs to go defense, but since 2000 they draft offense and they will not change it this year.

13.Buffalo Sabres : Boris Valabik
I think it's high for Valabik, but I don't know why but I have the Feeling that Buffalo will draft him maybe they will trade down but trust me Valabik is going to Buffalo.

14.Edmonton Oilers : Drew Stafford
I don't think he have 1rst line potential and that's why i can see him going that Low, but he's a really good player who have PowerFoward abilities and he already said that he would like playing in Edmonton.( http://www.hobbyinsider.net/articles..._interview.asp )

15.Nasville Predators : Wojtek Wolski
He have the reputation of being a Floater but even with that he have some amazing offensive abilitie and that what nasville lack.

16.New-York Islanders : Lauri Korpikoski
Big suprise of the draft, there is always a suprise, Bret Burns, J.Niinimaki... this year it's Lauri. Such a great hard working player with skills and never say never attitude.

17.St-Louis Blues : Lukas Kaspar
They need some Gritty players up front and that what Kaspar brings. Physical play PowerFowards skills i think he was better than Olesz in WJC.

18.Montreal Canadiens : Kyle Chipchura
Best Player available and exactly what Montreal Need Size grit and physical play at Center. May not have 1rst Line Potential but I think his offensive skills are underrated and he should be a good 2nd line center.

19.Calgary Flames : Andrej Meszaros
They wanted Kaspar but he's gone so they take the BPA in Andrej. I think even with Phaneuf they still need help at defense.

20.Dallas Stars : Mike Green
With the lost of vagner they need some D prospects and IMO Green is a good and safe pick.
21.Colorado Avalanche : David Bolland
22.New Jersey Devils : Ladislav Smid
23.Ottawa Senators : Wes O'neil
24.New-York Rangers : Jakub Sindel
25.Edmonton Oilers : Cory Schneider
26.Vancouver Canucks : Viktor Alexandrov
27.Washington Capitals : Kyrill Lyamin
28.San-Jose Sharks : Bruce Graham
29.Washington Capitals : Martin Karsums
30.Tampa-Bay Lightnings : Devan Dubnyk

31. Pittsburgh Penguins : Adam Pineault
32. Chicago Blackhawks : Enver Lisin
33. Washington Capitals : Johan Fransson
34. Dallas Stars : Roman Tesliuk
35. Phoenix Coyotes : Johannes Salmonsson
36. New York Rangers : Petteri Nokelainen
37. New York Rangers : Oscar Hedman
38. Carolina Hurricanes : Adam Berti
39. Anaheim Mighty Ducks : Sami Lepisto
40. Atlanta Thrashers : Evan McGrath
41. Chicago Blackhawks : Ryan Garlock
42. Minnesota Wild : Blake Wheeler
43. Buffalo Sabres : Roman Voloshenko
44. Edmonton Oilers : Mark Fistric
45. Chicago Blackhawks : Jeff Schultz
46. New York Islanders : Roman Voloshenko
47. St.Louis Blues : David Booth
48. NewYork Rangers : Vaclav Meidl
49. Florida Panthers : Carl Soderberg
50. Chicago Blackhawks : Kyle Wharton
51. Colorado Avalanche : Travis Zajac
52. Phoenix Coyotes : David Shantz
53. Phoenix Coyotes : Sergei Ogorodnikov
54. Pittsburgh Penguins : Bryan Bickell
55. Ottawa Senators : Andy Rogers
56. Carolina Hurricanes : David Brown
57. Washington Capitals : Aki Seitsonen
58. San Jose Sharks : Kyle Klubertanz
59. Tampa Bay Lightning : John Lammers
60. Boston Bruins : Kris Chucko

What do you think ?

CoupeStanley 06-13-2004 09:52 PM

It's good !

But I doubt that will Phaneuf, Regeir, Leopol, Lydman Calgary pick a D. They badly need some offense..

didjuicythat 06-14-2004 06:50 PM

Thanks Cayouche5 for putting the effort, very appreciated.

By the way, you have Roman Voloshenko twice (in the second round).

loadie 06-14-2004 08:34 PM

Nice read, its nice to see how different fans look at the draft. :)

CH Wizard 06-14-2004 10:28 PM

GOOD MOCK DRAFT ! just one thing I don't think Alexandrov will be pick in the first round I am pretty sure he will be pick in the 2nd round he has 1st round skills but he is 2nd round material , he don't has size ,he is more skinny then Ribeiro OUCH !

Russian Fan 06-14-2004 10:34 PM

Very good 2nd mock Cayouche.

I just hope that if Meszaros or Smid are there @ 18th (which I doubt highly), we will pick him before the punk :joker: Chipchura.

P.S. The word PUNK use for Chipchura was just a comment to say that I don't like him & not start a rumour about his attitude. :joker: :joker:

*Bandit* 06-15-2004 12:40 AM


Just a question here: what prodded you to include David Brown in your second round? Just intrigued.

db23 06-15-2004 12:40 AM

Chipchura would turn out like the last WHL centre taken at #18 overall. Matt Higgins. Actually Higgins showed a lot more offensive potenial at the same age.

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