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ponder 11-08-2010 01:47 AM

Super short stick reviews
Just a thread to post extremely short stick reviews, a few sentences per stick, try to cover performance and durability. I'll start with the 3 most recent sticks I've used:

Bauer one95 stickum - amazing performance, best puck feel I've had in a composite, flexes nicely on shots, very light and balanced. Broke it recently after only 2ish months though, snapped the shaft, will not buy such an expensive stick again.

Sherwood RM8 grip - super pingy and felt stiffer than the advertised 87 flex, really do not like this stick. Absolute tank durability-wise though, played a full season with it treating it real rough and it's none the worse for wear.

Sherwood 5030 - the classic woody, so heavy compared to composites, bought one for nostalgia's sake to use for ball hockey, tried putting epoxy on the bottom of the blade to make it last longer (works decently actually). Broke it in like 2 weeks, shattered the shaft, back to ABS blade sticks for ball hockey from now on I think.

blueberrydanish 11-08-2010 08:59 AM

XXV(not that you can prob find em anymore) - good overall stick with weight and feel for its price, bad part was its durability. I broke 2-3 right around the same spot on the blade and several people at my rink broke it is pretty much the same place

one95(two-piece) - great feel, light, durable. My blade lasted me a good few months before I had to replace it but the shaft lasted 7 months which is MUCH longer than any other stick Ive had.

Easton S11 - Feels whippier than said flex, good shot, good feel, its my backup though so durability wise it seems to do fine for the occasional use.

Jarick 11-08-2010 09:08 AM

Cool idea, I'll throw a couple in.

Harrow 300 (2-piece): outstanding durability, decent kick, well balanced but a bit heavy overall, fantastic puck feel

Battleaxe BX10: very light and well balanced, fantastic kick, decent puck feel, and so far so good durability-wise

Trojan35 11-08-2010 02:45 PM

From a hockey noob:

One90 - 77flex PM9. Great stick, a little stiffer than you'd think and felt more like an 85. Felt a lot better receiving passes than other sticks I've used. Didn't feel as powerful on my snaps but was pretty good on heavy wristers and slappers (my slapshot stinks tho, so maybe not the best reviewer for that). Good durability.

SE16 - 85 Flex iginla. I like this stick better, but wish it was a lower flex. Much better at quick wristers and snaps than the one90, but durability appears to be an issue. I'm not a stick breaker, and this one's already got a weird sound to it. Should go any minute.

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