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Guig 06-14-2004 05:46 PM

GuiG's mock draft
I know montreal did one recently but I wanted to make one too so here it goes:

18th: Kyle Chipchura 6'2 200, C shoot left, 02/19/1986
Kyle chipchura is a good skater and he bring a physical aspect to the game. Also he's a good 2-way player, he's responsible in his own zone. I think he is a future 2nd liner.
other players: Lauri Korpikoski, Andrej Meszaros, Mike Green, Johan Fransson

80th: Martin Karsums 5'10.5 180, RW shoot right, 02/26/1986
He will probably be taken but if he is available, I'll take him for sure. I heard that he was compared to Theoren Fleury. He's a good 2-way player with offensive skill. I think he is a future 2nd-3rd liner
other players: T.J. Hensick, David Laliberté

90th: Frederik Cabana 6'1 185, C-LW shoot left, 05/16/1986
The habs can't pass on him. He's a good 2-way player with good speed and skating. Also, he's a gritty player. I think he's a future 3rd liner
other players: Tyler Haskins, Raymond Sawada

94th: Kyle Klubertanz 6'0.5 180, D shoot right, 09/23/1985
Good offensive d-man who have the potential to become a good top 4 d-man
other players: Frederik Naslund, Jordan Foote

140th: Chris Bourque 5'7-5 170, C shoot left, 01/29/1986
Yes he's small but he had amazing stats(almost 3 pts per game) in a poor league(USHSE). I think he's a project and he could become a 2nd liner but he can turn into a bust too.
other players: Nick Fugere, Paul Stastny

170th: Mark Tobin 6'3 210, LW shoot left, 11/26/1985
This guy is big and he have potential to be a power foward. I think he will be a 4th liner
other players: Scott Lehman, Jim McKenzie

200th: Olivier Latendresse 5'10 180, C shoot left, 02/12/1986
I know this guy is small but he have great offensive skill and he can turn into a steal. I think he will be a 3rd-4th liner
other player: Brent Aubin, Clayton Stoner, Jan Steber

230th: Charles Fontaine 6'2 218, D shoot left, 01/07/1985
I know he's one year older than the majority of the player but I heard that this guy was the Scott Stevens of the Q. He's a hard hitter. I think he could become a 6th-7th dman
other players: Justin Vienneau, Alexandre Demers

260th: Alexandre Vachon 6'3 212, LW shoot left, 11/14/1985
This guy is a goon potential with limited talent. I think he could be a 4th liner
other players: Kevin Mailhiot, Nicolas Robillard

Belarus Rocket 06-14-2004 06:43 PM

I would also take a chance on Kevin Mailhiot,last year he was considered to be a first round pick,but he got some important concusion,but the talent Is there,also,Paul Stastny opt-out for this year draft

MontrealSF 06-14-2004 07:10 PM

That's a lot of QMJHLers here... Montreal management are known for taking guys from different places... I doubt they will pick all their players from the same league.

Guig 06-14-2004 07:36 PM


Originally Posted by RickyF
That's a lot of QMJHLers here... Montreal management are known for taking guys from different places... I doubt they will pick all their players from the same league.

Well I know that there's a lot of QMJHLers but I think they are the BPA.

montreal 06-14-2004 08:18 PM

Well Stastny and Hensick are not in this draft, they both opted out. I like Stastny a lot, although I only saw him once, can't wait to see him next year at Denver.

Latendresse I liked what I saw from him, might be worth a shot for sure in the later rounds. Nice playmaking skills. Fugere I am very interested in after his memorial cup play, big and plays big with some decent hands. Tobin needs more work, I wouldn't take both, I'd rather have Fugere.

I'd love to see us get Cabana and Klubertanz. Cabana is a bit like Lapierre, which you can't have enough guys like that. Klubertanz is small for a defensemen, but in the one game I saw he scored a wicked goal on the PP (great shot it was) and moved the puck well. I think he's very underrated due to his size and that he played in the USHL. I really look forward to seeing him at Wisconsin next year. Cabana and Steber should both have big years next season, imo.

I don't like the Bourque pick, no way I would take a kid from the USHSE that's 5'7 that high. I know his father is great and all, but I personally would stay clear of that pick. Trevor Ludwig or Vicent Goulet interest me a lot more, plus they come from winning a championship while playing for Texas, beating some of the powerhouses.

Mailhoit is likely to retire from what I've heard, if it's close to being true, can't see any team taking a shot on him, imo.

Fontaine sounds interesting for sure, Vachon doesnt'.

Gota to have some Euro's in there, that's for sure.

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