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Fleuryoutside29 02-03-2011 02:46 PM

MLX Skates
I'm looking for a new pair of skates and I've been seeing alot of stuff about MLX. I'm really interested in them and they're on sale right now. Do you guys know anything about them? Here's their website: http://www.mlxskates.com/

blueberrydanish 02-03-2011 03:01 PM

Mario's company for skates that he started out with alotta pros using and recently opened up to the public for purchase. I haven't worn em, but I also haven't worn any high end skate yet, but that is what type of skate they are.

Thats all I know.

ponder 02-03-2011 04:40 PM

Massive discussion on them here, worth taking the time to read through if you're thinking of buying them:


They sound very interesting, apparently super heat moldable. I really don't like how they're not in stores, so you can't try them on first, but it sounds like their customer service is excellent, if you get the skates and they don't fit they'll make new ones for you at a different size, different width, even different depths. Not super light, but reasonably light, supposed to be very comfortable once you get ones that fit real well. Pretty interesting, but sounds like a bit of a process getting ones that fit well, IMO they should only be considered by people who are experienced skate buyers, and know what good fit feels like (proper size, width, depth, snugness in general, etc.). If you talk to them and can send in all your foot measurements right from the start that'd be a major benefit.

Not sure that a lot of pros actually use them. I think guys like Malkin and Gonchar used them for a bit, but they ended up switching back to their totalones or whatever they were originally using. Some people love em, some don't, depends mostly on getting the right fit obviously. Sounds like they tend to be made for a fairly low depth/volume foot, but you can get them made deeper if necessary.

elevation 02-03-2011 05:48 PM

I got some and yes, the volume is low. I also fail the pencil test just a bit on the 5th eyelet.The service is very personal, every question I had was answered within hours via mail.These are very stiff skates and very comfortable. My reason, getting them was, that I broke my ankle (June), got 6 screws and a plate in my right foot -my Doc said I maybe can't play this season (but playing since October)- and all my other skates hurt. So before I get my next pair (customs) and after talking with the guys at MLX, I thought, why not! Weight isn't that important for me. They are 'light', but not crazy light, like TO or CL. I really like the toecap. It's pretty short, very stiff and feels seamlessly connected to the boot. I sometimes have problems with cups at the point, where my toes end. My MLX feel really fine there. Arches are high, but ok for me, and I got exactly that 'feeling' the guys at MLX describe, this was gone after the first skate. I still use the original soles. Durability is no problem after about 30 times of use and they offer very good protection. I can recommend them.
I'm still not so sure about the inserts, my right foot is a bit shorter than my left. I tried around with them, when I got the skates, but don't use them. I probably have to trim/shorten them, but I am just too lazy to unlace my skate. And finally, it never really interested me, if or what pro is using 'my' skates, some use MLX though. If that's a point for a high-(ab)usability, ok. But for fit? My skates have to fit ME. Most 'pro skates' are customs anyways, buy what fits! ;-)

blueberrydanish 02-03-2011 08:03 PM

My mistake on the pros comment - I meant it as there are pros that are using them to hint about the level of the skate, not why people would get them. Dont get me wrong, Id love to be able to get my feet in these skates.

Frankie Spankie 02-03-2011 09:06 PM

I got a pair of these when they were on sale for $400 a couple months ago and my old skates were falling apart anyway. They are the only pair of high end skates I've ever used so I can't really compare them to other good skates. I love them though. They fit perfectly, after I had to send the original pair back because my feet were too wide. They even paid for shipping both ways. If you do buy them, I suggest sending them an e-mail with a tracing of your foot with dimensions to it just to be safe.

That being said, they're right that they feel really different. It definitely takes a couple of skates to get used to. I don't necessarily feel faster but I do feel a lot quicker with these. I can definitely accelerate a lot quicker with these than my old CCM Vectors. I still haven't tried playing with the angle of the blade yet but I plan to sometime in the next couple of months.

Jules Winnfield 02-03-2011 09:11 PM

The best and most comfortable skates I've ever worn. You will not regret them. Definitely making better turns and using my edges much better since I've gotten them.

Just watch out when you bake them. There's a lot of metal that can hit you. I have big calfs so I got the snot burned out of me until I got my foot in. Wear long socks when getting your foot in after baking :)

Fleuryoutside29 02-08-2011 12:24 PM

Thanks for the input guys. I'm glad to hear that people like them. I'm going to keep doing some research and see what else I can find out about them.

CuteHockeyBunny 02-08-2011 01:33 PM

they look durable but how stiff are they and for how long?

Fleuryoutside29 02-10-2011 02:04 PM

All the reviews I've read have been really good. I think I'm going to buy them. I'm making my decision over the weekend. I'll let you guys know if I get them and how they are

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