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triplcrown 02-22-2011 02:03 PM

Why aren't we better offensively?
I figure it's a combo of immature players who will score more in time, and the system, which is sound defensively, but seems to lack offensive options.

kingdoughty 02-22-2011 02:35 PM

TM is too conservative fire him. If DL doesn't bring someone in at the trade deadline then he should be fired too

Kurrilino 02-22-2011 02:44 PM

Don't want to write all my well known stuff again.

Just the basics.
- Having a bunch of guys running in front of the net and someoine shoots into the crowd isn't a hockey system. Same for the defense.

- As soon as an offensive player face a defense player he circles away from goal direction. Kopitar is really good in that.

- It's not too easy to score when 2 guys pin you to the board.

- Always entering the o-zone from the outside is easy to defend because you just have the way to the middle and the defender knows that.

- Just waiting for lucky bounces isn't working in playoff

- Our PP is discusting. To place our best shooters as far away from the goal as you can is insane. Staying around linemates aren't helping either.

- We have too many role players and too less hockey players

- All in all we are to easy to defende because everyone is turning into a defense mode and moves back as soon as their is a chance the opponent could reach the puck. That takes any pressure away.

well.... this and million points more.... Most stuff is coachign issue.

I would sacrifice this season, fire the coaching staff, bring up the young guns and practice a real hockey style for the next season.

and BTW please don't trade anyone. Do nothign is the best we can do right now.
The is no talent in the world what turns soemone under Murrays system into a goal scoring machine

DIEHARD the King fan 02-22-2011 02:57 PM

I choose ALL OF THE ABOVE plus I added another option (see below)

Its really is a small measure of all of the above. However, it is also in LARGE MEASURE that certain players have not recently pulled their weight, and that is the biggest problem.

The system is partly to blame for that in that as the season goes on scouting of opposing teams becomes more important and our "system" is easily game-planned against. Its why were are seeing many teams drop back into the center ice and trapping in a way or trying to go four across at the blueline. It forces the dump-in, which, from their scouting they are already set to go retrieve.

A great counter to that is the quick first pass getting speed out of the zone, and through center ice forcing the opponents to have to back off. But if the team is looking to give the puck up at the red line on the dump-in, the defenders dont have to back off and one or two can easily go back and kill the chance of any sustained offensive threats on that zone entry.

It really doesnt matter becasue unless Angie remembers how to bull his way to the net, and Duthin becomes Dustin again, we arent going far without MAJOR additions

null33 02-22-2011 02:58 PM


Originally Posted by kingdoughty (Post 31140273)
TM is too conservative fire him. If DL doesn't bring someone in at the trade deadline then he should be fired too

Why stop there? Brown's terrible. Trade 'im. So are Smyth, Westgarth, Stoll, Greene, Ponikarovsky, Lewis, Handzus, Martinez and Strum. Clean house at the deadline or at the trade table.

Power Play sucks, fire Kompon. Stevens, too 'cause Lombardi hired him from Philly. What's Hextall done lately? Nothing. He's fired.

While we're at it, tired of Foxy: "I got the call, and then I was gone." Hammond and his soft questions have to go, too. Miller's starting to show his age, might be time to award him his watch.

Some of the fans obviously don't care about winning and ought to be fired, too.

That leaves Luc to run the operation. Maybe he'll bring in Blake and JR to help out.

Kopitar, Williams, Clifford and Simmonds will need some help up front; Loktionov, Schenn and Moller got it covered and maybe Johnson can be converted to forward. Trade Quick for Nash.

Git 'er done.

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