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habsprospects 06-27-2006 02:53 PM

Official Roster and Contracted Player Thread (RFA, UFA and Waiver Statuses)

BaseballCoach 07-19-2008 12:27 PM

Habs Roster - Year of UFA status, per player

This is a simple list of players in the Habs' system (whether on one-way or two-way contracts) and the years they will next become an UNRESTRICTED free agent. Unless otherwise noted, their league age will be 27 at that time.

* = not currently signed to a contract, but Montreal owns his rights ** = RFA qualified *** = arbitration has been requested
(there are 45 players on the list excluding UFAs, but only 44 under pro contract in North America for 2014-15, plus ****Nygren who counts against the 50 contract limit despite playing with permission in Europe.)

** Note: The above does NOT take into account the date a player could (but is not sure yet to) become a GROUP 6 Free Agent, due to not getting enough NHL games by age 25 . This potentially applied to Mike Blunden for the summer of 2012, but he did eventually play in enough NHL games to remain RFA eligible. Only time can tell, but once a player is SURE to be Group VI, I place his UFA status in the correct year.

2014 UFAs
Mike Blunden
Devan Dubnyk (28)
Nick Tarnasky (29)
Thomas Vanek (30)
Martin St. Pierre (30)
Douglas Murray (34)
George Parros (34)
Brian Gionta (35)
Mike Weaver (36)
Francis Bouillon (38)

Ryan White
Davis Drewiske (30)
Peter Budaj (32)
Daniel Brière (37)

Lars Eller
PK Subban
Dale Weise
Brandon Prust (32)
Tomas Plekanec (33)
René Bourque (34)
Travis Moen (34)

Dustin Tokarski
Mike Condon
Robert Czarnik
Peter Delmas
Greg Pateryn
****Magnus Nygren
David Desharnais (30)
Andrei Markov (38)

Gabriel Dumont
Mac Bennett
Carey Price (30)
Alexei Yemelin (32)
Josh Gorges (33)

Alex Galchenyuk (25)
Christian Thomas
Michael Bournival
Morgan Ellis
Brendan Gallagher
Patrick Holland
Jarred Tinordi
Stefan Fournier
Daniel Carr (NCAA 2013-14)
Max Pacioretty (30)

Nathan Beaulieu
Sven Andrighetto

Darren Dietz
Jack Nevins (playing overage in CHL 2013-14)
Dalton Thrower (playing overage in CHL 2013-14)
Connor Crisp (CHL 2013-14)
Charles Hudon (CHL 2013-14)
Tim Bozon (CHL 2013-14)

Jacob De La Rose (SEL 2013-14)
Mike McCarron (CHL 2013-14)
Zach Fucale (CHL 2013-14)

I will add players to this list as they sign NHL contracts with the team.

BaseballCoach 03-10-2010 04:12 AM

RFA Compensation Table 2012-2013
To respond to several requests for this information, here is the latest compensation info's for RFA's.

The numbers for 2012-2013 are based on the Average League Salary figure from 2011-2012. The numbers will be changed up or down by the SAME PERCENTAGE that the average goes up or down. For example, if the average went up 2% then every number in the table goes up by 2%.

Once the average for 2013-2014 is announced, I will update this table accordingly.

Cap Hit of player being offer sheeted:

$1,110,249 or below - None
Over $1,110,249 to $1,682,194 - Third-round choice
Over $1,682,194 to $3,364,391 - Second-round choice
Over $3,364,391 to $5,046,585 - First-round and third-round choice
Over $5,046,585 to $6,728,781 - First-round, second-round and third-round choice
Over $6,728,781 to $8,410,976 - Two first-round choices, one second- and one third-round choice
Over $8,410,976 - Four first-round choices

Also, there is a provision in the rule that discourages offer sheets longer than 5 years. For any contract offered that is longer than 5 years, the compensation is adjusted upwards. The club is to take the total amount paid over the life of the contract, say 8 years at $4.5M each, which is $36M, but divide it by the maximum FIVE years, yielding a cap calculation for the purpose of compensation of $7.2M and not $4.5M. This changes the compensation from a first and a third TO two first, one second and a third. Huge difference, so effectively no one makes any offer sheets for longer than five years.

Other information regarding Offer Sheets

-- Teams must use their own draft picks for the purpose of compensation, including picks that were traded and later reacquired. They cannot use draft picks acquired from other teams (which were not originally theirs) to offer as compensation.
-- A team can have multiple offer sheets active, provided it has the necessary draft picks available to offer as compensation.
-- From Article 10.4,
-- Clubs owing one (1) draft selection must have it available in the next draft.
-- Clubs owing two (2) draft selections in different rounds must have them available in the next draft.
-- Clubs owing three (3) draft selections in different rounds must have them available in the next draft.
-- Clubs owing two (2) draft selections in the same round, must have them available in the next three (3) drafts.
-- Clubs owing three (3) draft selections in the same round must have them available in the next four (4) drafts, and so on.

When a Club owes two (2) or more draft selections in the same round, the signing Club does not elect the years in which such selections shall be awarded to the Prior Club; rather, the selections next available will be transferred to the Prior Club (i.e., a Club that owes two (2) selections has them available in the next two (2) drafts – that is when they are transferred).

BaseballCoach 07-18-2010 05:42 AM

Habs Contracted Player List and Waiver Statuses

Here's the breakdown of the Habs' 45 contracted players, by age as of June 30th 2014 (in BOLD are one-way contracts).

All players on one-way contracts are waiver-required in 2014-15, as well as any players on or just finishing two-way contracts with a w- in front of their name:
Condon, Czarnik, Delmas, Dumont, Leblanc, Mayer, Tokarski

19- deLaRose
20- Bozon, Crisp, Dietz, Galchenyuk, Hudon, Nevins, Thrower
21- Andrighetto, Beaulieu
22- Bournival, Carr, Ellis, Fournier, Gallagher, Holland, Thomas, Tinordi
23- Bennett, w-Dumont
24- w-Condon, w-Czarnik, w-Delmas, w-Nygren, Pateryn, w-Tokarski
25- Eller, Pacioretty, Subban, Weise
26- Price, White
27- Desharnais
28- Emelin
29- Drewiske, Gorges
30- Prust
31- Budaj, Plekanec
32- Bourque, Moen
35- Markov
36- Brière

In addition to the official contracted players subject to the limit of 50, there are the following players with contracts who are still playing Junior or in Europe and do not count against the limit):

CHL - 19- Fucale, McCarron

Of all the players under 27 years of age, only Alex Galchenyuk is currently projected to reach Group III UFA age younger than 27 (in his case 25), due to the rule that UFA status is reached at age 27 or seven accrued NHL seasons, whichever comes first (Carey Price is already signed until age 30).

BaseballCoach 04-04-2013 06:00 AM

Habs Roster - Year of RFA status, per player

Here is the list of the Habs contracted or owned players that will become Restricted Free Agents prior to becoming Unrestricted Free Agents.

An * before the player's name signifies that the player is eligible for arbitration , ** signifies filed for arbitration

RFA 2014
*Ryan White, UFA 2015
*Lars Eller, UFA 2016
*PK Subban, UFA 2016
Robert Czarnik, UFA 2017
*Peter Delmas, UFA 2017

RFA 2015
*Mike Condon, UFA 2017
*Magnus Nygren, UFA 2017
*Gabriel Dumont, UFA 2018
Mac Bennett, UFA 2018
Alex Galchenyuk, UFA 2019
Michaël Bournival, UFA 2019
Morgan Ellis, UFA 2019
Brendan Gallagher, UFA 2019
Patrick Holland, UFA 2019
Jarred Tinordi, UFA 2019
Christian Thomas, UFA 2019
Nathan Beaulieu, UFA 2020

RFA 2016
*Dustin Tokarski, UFA 2017
*Greg Pateryn, UFA 2017
Daniel Carr, UFA 2019
Stefan Fournier, UFA 2019
Sven Andrighetto, UFA 2020
Darren Dietz, UFA 2021

RFA 2017
Jack Nevins, UFA 2021
Charles Hudon, UFA 2021
Connor Crisp, UFA 2021
Tim Bozon, UFA 2021

RFA 2018 assuming a slide in 2014-15
Jacob De La Rose, UFA 2022
Mike McCarron, UFA 2022
Zach Fucale, UFA 2022

BaseballCoach 07-06-2013 11:32 PM

Habs Unsigned Draft Picks, by year

Here is the list of the Habs unsigned draft picks. They are organized by year drafted, and the deadline for signing them is indicated after their name and round selected.

2008 and earlier
Sidyakin, Andrei - 8th round 1997, no deadline
Kruchinin, Andrei - 7th round 1998, no deadline
Alexander Buturlin - 2nd round 1999, no deadline
Korneev, Konstantin - 9th round 2002, no deadline
Trunev, Maxim - 5th round 2008, no deadline

Cichy, Mike - 7th round, August 15 2014

MacMillan, Mark - 4th round, August 15 2015

Didier, Josiah - 4th round, August 15 2015
Sullivan, Colin - 7th round, August 15 2016

Nyström, Erik - 6th round, June 1 2016

Lehkonen, Artturi - 2nd round, June 1 2017
Reway, Martin - 4th round, June 1 2015
Grégoire, Jérémy - 6th round, June 1 2015

There are also the cases of
*Andreas Engqvist (SEL 2013-14), once under contract but no longer, whose rights remain with the Habs until June 30th 2015.
*Joonas Nattinen, (SEL 2014-15), once under contract but no longer, whose rights remain with the Habs until June 30th 2018.

montreal 09-14-2013 03:14 PM

Players that have to clear waivers to be sent to Hamilton,

Dumont, Tokarski, Mayer, St-Pierre, Blunden, and Tarnasky.

BaseballCoach 09-14-2013 03:40 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Habs Salary Cap and Contract Years information

Here is a link to Capgeek's Habs page:

Alternatively, here is an Excel-based file with the Habs Salary Cap and Contract Years information, by player:

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