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Mooch 07-09-2004 10:13 AM

Whos got the highest value on our team??
Id say the top 5 candidates are.....(in no particular order)

1. Koivu

Getting on in age, but is still in his prime. However he has lost a step due to knee injuries, and his tenacious style of play. Koivu is the true definiton of a warrior however. For that reason alone, i cant see why any team would not want him. Hes small, but tougher than a 10 inch iron rod. A dream captain, who we call......GOD!

2. Zednik

In his prime, fast, strong, and a solid 25-30 goal scorer. His problem however, he can be a bit inconsistent, and does go into prolonged goal scoring slumps. However at the price hes a solid second line winger, who can be very effective on the first line left wing as well.

3. Komo

A big, young, hard hitting D, with untapped offensive potential. Hes not as brutal as lets say a scott stevens, but hes exactly what the leafs have needed for years. Nuff said!

4. Ribs

Weak, scrony, cocky, yet still puts up 65 points as a second line c in his first full season. Their is a lot of dislike for Ribs, but there is no doubt that he is a solid second line c. He is small, but effective. His only draw back is, will his lack of size and speed be a problem in the future, and is he built to perform in the playoffs??? Thats the question many would ask when talking about Ribs.

5. Theo

Some call him a franchise goaltender, others call him a choker. Theo is a streaky goalie, and that is his one and only major flaw. When on his game he can be simply brilliant, however, when not on his game, he can be attrocious. He probably lets in more soft goals then any other ellite goaltender, but hes young and this can be improved with experience.

So who's got the most value imo.......................................


Top 10 Goaltender are not easy to get, and to develope them takes time. In fact most goaltenders dont start performing at their best untill they hit their prime. Theo is now in his prime and is ready to play at his best. Hes also already won a heart and vezna. The main reason for his high value however is the fact that if he does become consistent, he can easily become a top 5 Goalie in the league!

So who are your top 5 candidates and who do you think has the highest value...................??????

markov` 07-09-2004 10:26 AM

Highest value? In order,

01. Jose Theodore
02. Saku Koivu
03. Mike Komisarek
04. Michael Ryder
05. Andrei Markov

CH Wizard 07-09-2004 10:29 AM

1 Koivu of course it's hard to find a center with speed,heart,determination,skills anywhere so Koivu is the complete package the injuries and the size is a fact but who cares he is a GOD.He is a warrior I am sure he has some VIKING BLOOD in his blood.

2 Zednik for me too you can't find anywehere a cheap 25-30 goals scorer and let's not forget the when he's pissed off he's playing like a all star player and he's a good hardworker to have on any team.

3 Theo for me ,he is a top 10 or 5 goaltender in the league and he already won the Hart and Vezina and he goes to the all-star game two times so his value is high for sure and some HABS fans blame him to not be good in the playoffs it's about time he has to play more games in the playoffs to gain some experience and I noticed sometimes he's allowing some bad goals anyways he's a top 5 goalie in the league.

4 Komo ,a big young D ,many team would want him for sure he's our future and he impress me a lot in the playoffs ,We have ti give him some time.

5 Ryder,I choose him instead of Ribs because he was tremendous in the season 25 goals for a rookie is not bad at all and he was a candidate for the calder but Raycroft win it but He impress me a lot and he's consistent and for the calder he was voted #1 by his peers so for me he's the calder winner but Raycroft win ,for a rookie 25 goals and 38 assists is a very good start in the NHL ,I think his value is higher then Ribs but that's just me.

markov` 07-09-2004 10:32 AM

It's funny how people underrate Theodore. He is 1) our franchise player, 2) the best player on the team and 3) a Vezina and Hart trophy winner. And you know what? I could bet he will win 2 or 3 others Vezina before the end of his career.

Koivu11 07-09-2004 10:33 AM

1. Theodore
2. Koivu
3. Markov
4. Komisarek
5. Ryder

417 07-09-2004 10:35 AM

In terms ov value....


These are players that if traded today, would get us some pretty good returns, if that's what you meant by value

Mooch 07-09-2004 10:48 AM


Originally Posted by 417 TO MTL

These are players that if traded today, would get us some pretty good returns, if that's what you meant by value

Thats exactly what i meant.

VAN-HAB 07-09-2004 10:48 AM

1. Komisarek
2. Koivu
3. Markov
4. Theodore
5. Ribeiro

NewHabsEra* 07-09-2004 11:22 AM

If ever Ribeiro has as much value as somebody think, trade him on the double then!

My actual top 15:

Theodore (funny how most people here underrate him and overrate Garon)
Komisarek (young, fresh, cheap, huge upside)
Koivu (If he was cheaper, would be the actual #2 to me)
Kastsitsyn (skills, skills, skills, skills and skills)
Ryder (best rookie skater last year, he is a sniper and can bring alot at the table)
Zednik (nice vet, he can score and work harder when the pressure increase)
Markov (great puckmover, he is reliable defensively but does'nt have the tool for PP)
Souray (great leader, great person, can also play great when healthy(injury prone))
Ribeiro (could slip so much, come back next year at the same date)
Rivet (Some teams see Rivet better than he really is)
Perezhogin (Those that saw him play last season know why)
Higgins (first rounder and progress well)
Chipchura (first rounder)
Hossa (first rounder knew around the league and still some believers in him)
Hainsey (see Hossa)

A Prospect like Plekanec is not a first round selection, still unknow around the league but his stock will rise when he skates in the NHL..

Blind Gardien 07-09-2004 11:46 AM

1. Theodore
2. Koivu
3. Komisarek
4. Markov
5. Ryder
6. Souray
7. Zednik
8. Rivet
9. Chipchura
10. Higgins
11. Bonk (once he gets a month of playing under his belt)
12. Bulis
13. Ribeiro
14. Kastitsyn
15. Perezhogin

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