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izzy3 04-19-2011 06:30 AM

Mental aspects of the game, and how do you prepare for it
I am getting really confused in the last few weeks.

The ice rink close to me has closed for the season, so I am driving to another one, once or twice a week (~50 mi from here) to keep playing. Now for fun I also play roller will (gel)ball with some random guys on a tarmac, outside rink, if I have time. The skill level of this roller scrimmage is pretty low, although there is an occasional hotshot coming by but now often.

What I realized, is that after the roller games (which actually should screw up my skating, my stickhandling, and due to low skill level basically everything about my game) I excell on the ice and beat guys who played their whole life (I play only since 18 months) in battles, one-on-ones, make great plays, somehow improve my vision on the ice.

The only thing I can think of is that it has to do with my mental state (eg in these low level roller games I pretty much dominate, and can do what I want and create plays), then somehow this state transfers to ice and I treat my opponents as they were worse then me, and somehow they become worse (or I become better). I also realized if I do not do the roller scrimmage for a few weeks then I fall back to my usual place in the hierarchy of "who's better" and get beat again by the veterans.

So how can I keep that mindset? How do you keep your mind set? I know that "hockey is half mental, and the other half being mental". :)

Please share, if you have a method that works.


Jarick 04-19-2011 09:11 AM

There's a great book about game prep here: http://www.score100goals.com/habits.htm. I bought it and really liked the visualization parts, and the stories. Another great one is "Hockey Tough" which is a normal book in bookstores. Again, great book and more in depth and practical but a longer and less interesting read.

Personally, I can't focus enough to do all the pre game stuff like showing up to the rink an hour early, doing dynamic warmups, listening to headphones, visualizing goals, etc. I've got a toddler at home and play rec league so usually it's grab some food, throw my stuff in a bag, head out to the rink 10 minutes late, scramble to get dressed, and hit the ice with two minutes to warm up.

izzy3 04-19-2011 11:12 AM

Thanks Jarick, I'll get them both.

doug5984 04-19-2011 01:09 PM

This is something I have problems with also- and to me it comes straight down to confidence. If I start off hot even at a stick and puck then the rest of the night goes great and I more than hold my own in the little pick up games. If I mess up early on, or get just deked out of pants the rest of the night I'm pushing too hard and make small mental mistakes. This is something I have to figure out how to overcome as well, how to gain that confidence and keep it.

KillerCanuk 04-24-2011 03:18 PM

when I stopped playing for ten plus years it was hard to remember how to prepare for a simple pickup game. But for the first year i was back playing all I played was 3 on 3 and I found that when you have the puck more confidence starts to set in. Then when I moved into a organized league which had a draft skate at the begining of the season I kicked serious ass. Played defence and in a 1/2 hr game i had 4 goals and 3 assists. I couldn't believe it. I got picked up by a top division team and it got me off my game mentally. In 25 games i had 4 goals and 7 assists. Totally brutal couldn't stick on the blue line. Moved up to wing and still couldn't produce. Now looking back on it I know It was all in my head! Cause physically and skill wise I had it!

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