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dbargaehr 05-26-2011 02:02 PM

TRON Basic Stick Review
Hey folks,

Received the Tron Basic stick today, thought I'd give a few thoughts on my perceptions and limited experience with it.

Here's the description from their website:

* 540 grams
* All sticks are approx. 90 Flex
* One piece graphite composition
* Low KickPoint construction
* Well balanced and durable
* 30 day warranty

WEIGHT: Upon receiving it, the first thing I noticed is that is seemed a tad heavier than what I'm used to using (an Easton S7 from 2010). Upon holding them both side by side, that confirmed it. This didn't make sense to me, as the S7 is listed around 580g while the Basic is supposed to be 540g...I work at a company that does shipping, so I put it on the scale (and took out the plastic end plug) and sure enough my Tron Basic stick weighs about 590 grams (1lb 5oz). That's quite a ways over what they advertise (in the table below where they compare it to similar sticks, they say it's "540-580"), but it's still above that tolerance...to me, this was fairly disappointing as I was hoping for a reduction in weight. I'm going to be calling Hockeytron today and see what the deal is - I may have gotten a "defective" stick or something. I can't imagine them advertising the weight almost 10% below what it actually is...I'll of course edit/re-post when I hear back from them. D EDIT: See below...weight issue was (somewhat) resolved).

That said about the weight, the price is darn good. I got it for $40 (and surprisingly, no tax despite the fact that I'm in California, where the company is located). The S7 was $80. I got married a year ago, and my wife and I are living off of a single income (she's finishing up her last year of college), so I'm a sucker for a deal. If you order multiples, you can get price breaks, too, which is awesome.A+

FLEX: After taking several wristers and snapshots, this is definitely what I'd call a "perfect" flex for me (6'0", 170 lbs). I've heard reports that the flex can vary, but this seems consistent with about a 90 or 95 flex, which is what is listed on their website. The flex point is where it should be, and it whips back into shape quite well. EDIT: Upon a little further inspection, it actually has a flex point a little higher than my Easton S7...not too much higher, mind you, but something I thought might be relevant. A-/B+

LENGTH/SHAFT: The Tron "LE" stick is listed at 61.5 inches...I was hoping the Basic stick would be the same length, but it came about an inch shorter (measured from butt end to heel at 61.5"). I'm a defenseman and I'm used to about 61" sticks, so this was a bit short, but nothing I can't adjust to...somehow, I don't think that I'll be overly frustrated with missing half an inch. The shaft feels very solid, and doesn't have any "grip" texture. Upon removing the end plug (I want to call it a butt plug...ewww), I noticed the shaft walls are a hair thicker than my Easton S7, and the corners are noticably more beveled/rounded. I imagine that the extra thickness adds some weight and makes for a higher flex, but it also keeps the shaft from breaking as easily. The extra stiffness makes me fear leaning into the shot too much, lest I snap the shaft...I imagine it's simply because I have an older stick that's a bit whippier, and the new, stiffer feel is giving me pause, not anything to do with the manufacturing. B+

CURVE/BLADE/LIE: The blade is nice and stiff, and whatever they coat the blade with feels much more solid than the foam-bladder style Easton sticks I have a habit of shattering at the tip (and as soon as they shatter, they soften up very quickly and turn my wristers into "drunk butterflies"). While it hasn't gone through any game-level abuse yet, I feel like I won't worry about the blade exploding when I try to take a slapshot. The curve itself is a C7 ("Zetterberg/Forsberg"), which is my normal curve and I'm pleased with the accuracy they reproduced it. I haven't measured the lie angle, but it feels exactly like my usual 5-6 range. A

OVERALL: I'm quite disappointed with the weight, and although it's not a dealbreaker, I'm definitely going to call about it. The length is still better than 90% of the sticks you see on the market (seriously, other manufacturers? You can't spare 2-3 inches of extra shaft and pay 40 cents more?). Next time I purchase, I'm probably going to end up going with the LE and hope they haven't underestimated the weight as much...that said, this is by and large the best thing you're going to get for $40, and is probably comparable to a $70-80 Easton, Bauer, or Reebok (I've used all three brands and inevitably end back with Easton, though I'm hoping TRON will give me a reason to swap loyalties!).

Anyone else have experience with the Basic?

dbargaehr 05-26-2011 02:19 PM

Stick Weight
So I called the store about the weight and got a rather disappointing response...

They said the 540 grams is at "standard stick length", which is apparently if you cut it down...they didn't specify what length it would have to be cut down to before it hit 540g (even though I said my stick was just a half-inch longer than a standard Bauer 60" stick...). Apparently, the 'extra length' makes up the extra weight, which I'm a little confused about.. At 6' and as a defenseman, On skates I like my stick to be about nose-high...this one is about bottom-lip high, and is still heavier than my S7.

I'm going to email for a bit more info...

ponder 05-26-2011 05:02 PM

Companies blatantly lie about the weight of their sticks decently often, which is clearly what they are doing here. Obviously you can't expect a high end stick for $40, but 590g is still very heavy for a composite, that's gotta be roughly the heaviest OPS on the market, and actually heavier than some of the lightest wood sticks.

Gibson19 05-27-2011 06:26 AM

Not to jack your thread but I got the LE version... I have't weighed it, but it is definitely in the 400's. Lighter than almost every stick I've picked up. I was worried about the 90 flex being to stiff but it has worked out great. The length is probably my favorite part too, that extra inch or so makes an incredible difference for me. It seems really tough to. I've been slashed, ran into posts/boards and I haven't been concerned at all about it breaking. My only complaint is the curve, I order a malkin curve (red) and what I got is like a Sakic curve, its got a crazy toe curve and open face. Just took some getting used to though

Overall it really is a steal though

dbargaehr 05-31-2011 02:40 PM

No worries, Gibson! I'm thinking about upping to the LE, but my budget is shoe-string right now.

Still no response to the first email, I sent a second...I'm hoping I get a response today and can update. It might be wishful thinking, but I'd really, really like these sticks to work out.

dbargaehr 05-31-2011 05:24 PM

Hey all,

Turns out they DID email me Thursday but my spam filter rejected the email (d'oh). Here's their response to my questions:

My email's on top, his is below:
Hello, folks at Hockey Tron!

I'm writing concerning a particular issue I discovered upon my receipt of the TRON Basic stick I ordered (Order number 4274). When I held it in comparison with my Easton S7, I noticed the S7 seemed a fair amount lighter, despite being listed at 584g and about an inch taller!

I weighed the TRON Basic I received (listed at 540g, and I measured 60.5" from heel to butt end), and discovered it weighs nearly 600g (1lb, 5oz, without the endplug or any tape). This seems like a pretty large deviation (more than 10%) from the website-advertised 540g. Frankly, I'm a little disappointed. I don't plan on cutting any length off (I'm 6' without skates, and play defense, so I enjoy the reach and generally play with a 61" stick) and I was wondering if this was the result of a "factory defect".

Upon calling Hockey Tron, the rep said it would be 540g at "standard stick length", which a) wasn't on the website and b) is sort of a nebulous term...they said it's 540g if you cut it down to "standard length", which with a company such as Bauer would be 60"...but I don't see less than 1% of the stick length (half and inch) weighing nearly 60 grams (10% of the overall weight)...it's not as if it is 4" of extra stick.

In any case, I'm simply emailing to obtain further information. I'm really excited about finally being able to afford good hockey sticks (got married a little over a year ago, and living off one income in California ain't easy!) and I was hoping for a lighter stick than my Easton S7 (the rest of the stick is fantastic, by the way...I put up a mini review over on HFBoards http://hfboards.com/showthread.php?t=917924 ). So here's my questions:

1) What's the deal with the advertised weight? What is "standard stick length", and why isn't it advertised at say, 61 inches +/- one inch? At that point, you can weight it at 61" and have a more exact standard for your potential customers.
2) Is there anything I can do to remedy this weight problem? Is it perhaps actually a factory problem that it weights more than the website says?

Thank you for your time. Just as an FYI, I'm not trying to jump to conclusions or get free money/gear out of this, I'm simply curious and a bit disappointed at the weight issue and was wondering if you had any answers...I'm in customer service as well, and I know the guys I'm the most resistant with are the ones that call and start yelling/whining. Thanks, and I hope all's well in Los Alamitos!



This is Don from HockeyTron. I was the person that talked to you today. I just wanted to clear up a few issues from this email;

1) We were told by the factory that makes these sticks that they were 540 grams. After your phone call we weighed five TRON Basic sticks and took the average weight and that came out to be 570 grams. We have changed the website to reflect this.

2) All the TRON sticks we have here are all lined up on very long stick racks. The height of our sticks range from 60.5” to 61.5” consistently. We don’t advertise that fact because then we will get people requesting longer or shorter sticks.

3) We compare this stick to the Easton EQ30, not the S7 as the S7 is a higher end stick.

We appreciate the feedback. I see you are going to try the LE stick next. We should have the Elite stick in within the month.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Thanks again for your input."


dbargaehr 05-31-2011 05:32 PM

I checked their website, and they've indeed changed the weight to 570g...seems like a large deviation still from my 590g, but there you have it! Frankly, their honesty there is fairly refreshing. Hopefully if I order again I can ask them to weight some sticks and get a better weight in the future, but I'm leaning towards picking up an LE when I have the cash.

My advice: Go into the store if you're in CA and pick up individual sticks, or ask in the "order comments" section for them to weigh a few sticks and send you the lightest one of the bunch.

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