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berzark 06-01-2011 01:23 AM

refurbrished prostock sticks
So what's the deal on refurbrished prostock sticks? Are they worth 65$ ? I need all the info I can get !

AIREAYE 06-01-2011 08:39 AM

Prostock sticks are often sticks made to a player's specs that are sent back to the manufacturer due to player dissatisfaction (doesn't mean they are defective however)

- Modified curve, flex pattern, finish, length and any number of factors
- They could also be repainted (ie. a 'prostock' EQ50 could be any number of sticks from a Synergy SE to an SE16)
- No warranty

Basically, it's likely that a prostock stick that you think you're buying is drastically different than the regular stock ones so buyer beware.

berzark 06-01-2011 11:04 AM

refurbrished being the key word in my post. I know what prostock sticks are, what's the deal on refurbrished ones.. Are they worth it?

Fly Like a C5 06-01-2011 11:40 AM

Refurbished pro stock sticks are sticks that have been broken and then repaired by "Stick Fix". You're buying a stick that is used and has already been broken once. Is it worth the money? That's up to you. I had a stick repaired by SRS(cost me $30) that worked well and didn't give me any problems. Of course I'm not sure I would pay $65 for a repaired pro stock stick, when for $10-$15 more I could find brand new pro sticks on ebay and my LHS.

berzark 06-01-2011 02:36 PM

ok thanks secret, but the sticks come with a 30 day guarantee !

wingedwhale 06-01-2011 02:50 PM

I bought a refurbished S19 for $20 and I LOVE it! It has given me no problems at all and still has a good feel and balance to it. I guess a major factor is who fixed it and how they did it.

Fly Like a C5 06-01-2011 03:13 PM


Originally Posted by berzark (Post 33353533)
ok thanks secret, but the sticks come with a 30 day guarantee !

Just keep in mind that the 30 day guarantee only applies to the spot that was repaired. Any additional breaks are not covered.

adaminnj 06-01-2011 04:31 PM

I get referbs for $30.00 USD and they hold up well but they are not even close to the same as new. I have bought 2 referbs 1st was in an emergency 2nd was because I wanted to try a curve. I don't use them except for pond hockey now. I'll be damned if I take a $200.00 + stick out to a pond.

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