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SauceHockey 06-07-2011 08:09 PM

Trying out for Bantam AA
I have played house my whole life and Bantam House is pure crap and my parents let me try out for next years rep team. Anyways this season I had a goal a game pace and like 5 breakaways a game. I am a very fast skater and every one seems to refer to me as the fastest skater on our team. I am also sadly a puck which led me to 5 breakaways a game but it is usually easy to deke everyone out in house. This is going to be my 2nd year bantam. My shot is not the reason for my breakaway failure it is usually when i get around the guy i go a little to far to that side and i have a bad angle :shakehead. My shot is ok. I am a good deker. I have pretty good stamina running the 2nd most laps (by half a lap) in a class of 19. I am average defensively and I work my a** off every game but i get frustrated easily. I am a center. I am not strong realyy for a 5'7.5 118 pond 14 year old.
P.S I scored 80 goals in my 2nd season of Pee Wee but only scored 20 in my first season in atom.
Strengths: Speed, Deking, Wrist shot, puck control, hard worker
Weaknesses: Puck hog, Weak, Easily frustrated, Breakaway failure, inconsistent
One more question I plan on having an all dry-land work-out and I plan on running many laps, doing sprints, lifting weights, chin-ups and sit-ups. thanks :yo:

Analyzer* 06-07-2011 08:15 PM

Depending on the skill level around you, you can make it. If you live in a small town, then politics could play a part in whether you make it, or not.

As for not being good on the breakaways it's more than likely because you think too much. When you're going in, take a look. If you see an opening, shoot when you think you're ready. If not do a little deke. My favourite is the fake shot, then backhand. Or start a bit sooner, fake shot, go to backhand, then cut across and go forehand.

Is your weak ankle from a club foot ? If so, I had that and you can't turn sharp on that foot which really hinders your ability to play up to your potential.

As for defensive play, if you're a right winger, then keep an eye out to see if your right dman pinches in. If he does, go back and cover for him. When you're racing back, if it's 2 on 2 look for the next guy on the other team coming and stick to him. If it's a 2 on 1, look at your defenseman, he should point you to which player he wants you to cover if it looks like you'll be able to catch up.

Communication on the ice makes a player that much better and it's something almost everyone can do.

SauceHockey 06-07-2011 08:25 PM


Originally Posted by Analyzer (Post 33489541)
Depending on the skill level around you, you can make it. If you live in a small town, then politics could play a part in whether you make it, or not.

I live in a town of 25,000 but our AAA team sucks (lost 11 in a row at one point) and they are going to be next seasons AA. i live in northern BC and our senior team won the allan cup last season. This seasons AAA players were usually good players but they have 2 terrible players i played with them last season before these players tried out.

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