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icthelight 08-14-2004 04:37 PM

Ours vs theirs
I just think that the rangers' prospects are always slighted just because they are the rangers. On the other hand the devils can do no wrong.

Ari Ahonen--23 yrs old--2.99 gpa--.902 sv%(unimpressive)----hf rating 8
Tuomas Pihlman--21--lw--73-10-19-29------hf rating 7


Henrik Lundqvist--22--2.17--.927sv%------hf rating 7
Garth Murray--21--lw--63-11-11-22---hf rating 6

i understand the hf ratings for the rangers have not been updated, but you get my point

NYRangers 08-14-2004 05:39 PM

you think you will get an objective answer here?

icthelight 08-14-2004 05:40 PM


Originally Posted by NYRangers
you think you will get an objective answer here?

I would hope that people have some semblance of intelligence.....so yes

Kovy274Hart 08-14-2004 05:45 PM

I agree with you. It's ridiculous how they overrate that team. It's because of their "track record" for finding gems and developing them properly.

Ahonen is still stuck behind Brodeur and Clemmensen ticketed for another AHL season in Albany. How many AHL seasons does he need?

And the Devils don't boast many good D prospects. Kadeykin had a lousy year and DeMarchi doesn't project to be more than a 5 or 6.

They have a few forwards that are good like Parise, Suglobov, Tallackson and Pihlman. That's probably where they are strongest.

When you look at how many NHL caliber forwards the Devils have on their roster, where's the room for a kid?

When I look at our team, we boast three potential number one goalies in Blackburn, Montoya and Lundqvist. That's excellent depth to have considering how weak we have been in net.

Our D is very deep. We already have Tyutin on the blueline and Pock. Lampman is trying to break in. Factor in guys like Kondratiev, Guenin, Taylor, Baranka, Potter and Liftion and we boast a lot of promising guys.

The forwards are also deep with Dawes, Jessiman, Prucha, Immonen, Marek, Korposki and Moore.

It shows that our organization has rebuilt the system.

BobMarleyNYR 08-14-2004 06:24 PM


Originally Posted by icthelight
I would hope that people have some semblance of intelligence.....so yes

I think natural bias overrides intelligence. Let's face it, we were taking a bad course for way too long; making all the wrong moves. Thus, in the hockey world, NY is seen as the rich retirement team for mid-90's all-stars... a lot of people have yet to catch on to the fact that we're a completely revamped team. I thought it was perfectly clear when we dealt Leetch at the deadline, that we were a different team.

People will never like us, 'cause we've got money and a bad managerial track record.

To be completely honest, I think our farm system is between 8-12 of all teams. We have few potential impact players, though. A lot of our guys are looking like career role players. The guys I like the most, and I think have the highest, most legit potential would be: Montoya, Tyutin, Jessiman, Korpikoski, Balej, Prucha. Those are the guys that we should build around, IMO. The biggest piece of the puzzle is missing though; the star on the Christmas tree, the top of the pyramid... we need a franchise guy. I think Jessiman comes the closest to that, but not quite. We've got a great foundation, and we're solid all the way up, but we need that gem. Crosby? Brule? Latendresse? I'd be happy with any of the three.

The Devils should be ranked about 20th-25th.

NYR469 08-14-2004 06:35 PM

the hf ratings on the devils page and the ratings on the rangers have nothing to do with each other...players are NOT rated by the same group of people across the board, they are rated by the people that maintain the particular team page. so they are consistant among the team, but not across the board

Levitate 08-15-2004 01:15 AM


we need a franchise guy. I think Jessiman comes the closest to that, but not quite.
i think the problem is that jessiman isn't a sure fire franchise type guy...he has the potential to be a franchise player but it's not the sure thing. a guy like ovechkin you can look at and go "yeah he's franchise for sure". jessiman you go "welll...if he really maxes out his potential he could be a top powerforward in the league and franchise player...but who knows if he can do that"

if he maxes out, jessiman will be a franchise player...it's more likely he becomes a good 1st liner compared to that though (and of course that's not a guarantee either and i'm not saying he will become that)

i guess what i'm saying is that jessiman has the raw talent and physical tools to be an amazing player...but he's a MUCH bigger question mark to reach that than a guy like ovechkin who has the talent, tool, and has put it together

hopefully the rangers can pick up a "sure fire" franchise player in the next draft.

Synergy27 08-15-2004 11:57 AM

To anyone that has any doubts about Hugh Jessiman, please keep in mind that the kid absolutely LOVES the Rangers. This can be an extremely important factor in his development. It's hard to say exactly why some prospects boom and others bust, but you'd have to assume that a player's work ethic plays a large role. Judging by this off-season, Jessiman has an excellent work ethic, one that has probably been spurred on by his desire to play in NYC, and I cant see that desire waning in the face of living out his boyhood dream. I think the result is a win-win situation for us, at worst we have a big, talented, hard-working winger, at best we have a guy that will be able to physically dominate the competition both through brute strength and skill. Crosby would still be a nice addition though :D

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