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Rheged 09-30-2011 12:51 PM

All-purpose prospect thread (all St. John's and Jets prospect talk here)
Winnipeg Jets Prospects Stats Update
Last Updated 3/30/2012

Scheifele, MarkC41236Barrie Colts, OHL3/15/1993CanadaRound 1, #7 Overall - 2011
Telegin, Ivan $C44152Barrie Colts, OHL2/28/1992RussiaRound 4, #101 Overall - 2010
McFaull, KendallD40002Moose Jaw Warriors, WHL4/10/1992CanadaRound 6, #155 Overall - 2010
Yuen, ZachD41234Tri-City Americans, WHL3/3/1993CanadaRound 4, #119 Overall - 2011
Brassard, AustenRW41016Belleville Bulls, OHL1/14/1993CanadaRound 5, #149 Overall - 2011
Melchiori, Julian $D40002Oshawa Generals, OHL12/6/1991CanadaRound 3, #87 Overall - 2010
Sol, Cody $D42358Kitchener Rangers, OHL2/11/1991CanadaRound 5, #125 Overall - 2009

NCAA Tournament
Leveille, DaultanC10000Michigan State, CCHA8/10/1990CanadaRound 1, # 29 Overall - 2008
Cisse, YasinRW10000Boston U., H-East3/11/1992CanadaRound 5, #150 Overall - 2010
Serville, BrennanD10000Michigan, CCHA6/2/1993CanadaRound 3, #78 Overall - 2011
O'Neill, WillD10220U. Maine, H-East4/28/1988USARound 7, #210 Overall - 2006

Lasu, NicklasLW601125Frolunda, SEL9/16/1989SwedenRound 5, #124 Overall - 2008
Pettersson, FredrikLW61236Frolunda, SEL6/10/1987SwedenRound 5, #158 Overall - 2005
Zubarev, Andrey $D1003316Atlant Moscow, KHL3/3/1987RussiaRound 6, #187 Overall - 2005
Pettersson-W., FredrikG41303.42.894Färjestad, SEL7/23/1991SwedenRound 5, #128 Overall - 2010

Regular Season
Canadian Junior
Scheifele, MarkC4723406336Barrie Colts, OHL3/15/1993CanadaRound 1, #7 Overall - 2011
Lowry, AdamLW3612253790Swift Current Broncos, WHL3/29/1993CanadaRound 3, #67 Overall - 20111
Telegin, Ivan $C4635296426Barrie Colts, OHL2/28/1992RussiaRound 4, #101 Overall - 2010
McFaull, KendallD676131956Moose Jaw Warriors, WHL4/10/1992CanadaRound 6, #155 Overall - 2010
Yuen, ZachD6612263846Tri-City Americans, WHL3/3/1993CanadaRound 4, #119 Overall - 2011
Brassard, AustenRW6427245171Belleville Bulls, OHL1/14/1993CanadaRound 5, #149 Overall - 2011
Melchiori, Julian $D612343664Oshawa Generals, OHL12/6/1991CanadaRound 3, #87 Overall - 2010
Sol, Cody $D62152338180Kitchener Rangers, OHL2/11/1991CanadaRound 5, #125 Overall - 2009

Lane, TannerC539253438Omaha Lancers8/13/1992USARound 6, #160 Overall - 2010
Kasdorf, JasonG301015333.52.892Des Moines Buccaneers5/18/1992CanadaRound 6, #157 Overall - 2011

Samuels-T., JordanLW     Quinnipac, ECAC5/28/1990USARound 7, #203 Overall - 2009
Leveille, DaultanC213694Michigan State, CCHA8/10/1990CanadaRound 1, # 29 Overall - 2008
Saponari, VinnyRW347162314Northeastern, H-East2/15/1990USARound 4, #94 Overall - 2008
Cisse, YasinRW2423524Boston U., H-East3/11/1992CanadaRound 5, #150 Overall - 2010
Serville, BrennanD330884Michigan, CCHA6/2/1993CanadaRound 3, #78 Overall - 2011
Stoykewych, PeterD2603314Colorado, WCHA7/14/1992CanadaRound 7, #199 Overall - 2010
O'Neill, WillD393283168U. Maine, H-East4/28/1988USARound 7, #210 Overall - 2006
Harstad, AaronD2906627Colorado, WCHA4/27/1992USARound 7, #187 Overall - 2011

Lasu, NicklasLW4545939Frolunda, SEL9/16/1989SwedenRound 5, #124 Overall - 2008
Pettersson, Fredrik $LW5416244058Frolunda, SEL6/10/1987SwedenRound 5, #158 Overall - 2005
Zubarev, Andrey $D38641020Atlant Moscow, KHL3/3/1987RussiaRound 6, #187 Overall - 2005
Pettersson-W., FredrikG135812.34.904Färjestad, SEL7/23/1991SwedenRound 5, #128 Overall - 2010

Forney, MichaelLW5320315157Colorado Eagles5/14/1988USARound 3, #80 Overall - 2006
Owuya, SebastianD2907734Stockton Thunder10/8/91SwedenRound 6, #169 Overall - 2010
Chiarot, BenD24681413Colorado Eagles5/9/1991CanadaRound 4, #120 Overall - 2009
Carrozzi, ChrisG29167432.43.917Ontario Reign3/2/1990CanadaRound 6, #154 Overall - 2008

Gregoire, JasonLW34581311St. John's IceCaps2/24/1989CanadaRound 3, #76 Overall - 2007
Klingberg, CarlLW5615203526St. John's IceCaps1/28/1991SwedenRound 2, #34 Overall - 2009
Macenauer, MaximeC224374St. John's IceCaps8/18/1988CanadaRound 2, #43 Overall - 2006
O'Dell, EricC32681425St. John's IceCaps6/21/1990CanadaRound 2, #39 Overall - 2008
Albert, JohnC526111718St. John's IceCaps1/19/1989USARound 6, #175 Overall - 2007
Cormier, PatriceC4914142855St. John's IceCaps6/14/1990CanadaRound 2, #54 Overall - 2008
Machacek, SpencerRW5817314848St. John's IceCaps10/14/1988CanadaRound 3, #67 Overall - 2006
Forney, MichaelLW111012Texas Stars5/14/1988USARound 3, #80 Overall - 2006
Postma, PaulD5513314432St. John's IceCaps2/22/1989CanadaRound 7, #205 Overall - 2007
Kulda, ArtursD515141952St. John's IceCaps7/25/1988LatviaRound 7, #200 Overall - 2006
Redmond, ZachD617182533St. John's IceCaps7/26/1988USARound 7, #184 Overall - 2006
Chiarot, BenD1411219St. John's IceCaps5/9/1991CanadaRound 4, #120 Overall - 2009
Negrin, JohnD3504414St. John's IceCaps3/25/1989CanadaRound 3, #70 Overall - 2007
Pasquale, EdwardG322011032.50.908St. John's IceCaps11/20/1990CanadaRound 4, #117 Overall - 2009

Scheifele, MarkC71010Winnipeg Jets3/15/1993CanadaRound 1, #7 Overall - 2011
McArdle, KenndalLW90004Winnipeg Jets1/4/1987CanadaRound 1, #20 Overall - 2005
Klingberg, CarlLW60004Winnipeg Jets1/28/1991SwedenRound 2, #34 Overall - 2009
Cormier, PatriceC60000Winnipeg Jets6/14/1990CanadaRound 2, #54 Overall - 2008
Machacek, SpencerRW71567Winnipeg Jets10/14/1988CanadaRound 3, #67 Overall - 2006
Postma, PaulD30000Winnipeg Jets2/22/1989CanadaRound 7, #205 Overall - 2007
Kulda, ArtursD90004Winnipeg Jets7/25/1988LatviaRound 7, #200 Overall - 2006

Penticton Prospects Tournament
Scheifele, MarkC32130Winnipeg Jets3/15/1993CanadaRound 1, #7 Overall - 2011
Klingberg, CarlLW30002Winnipeg Jets1/28/1991SwedenRound 2, #34 Overall - 2009
Telegin, IvanC30004Winnipeg Jets2/28/1992RussiaRound 4, #101 Overall - 2010
Brassard, AustenRW30005Winnipeg Jets1/14/1993CanadaRound 5, #149 Overall - 2011
Lowry, AdamLW30000Winnipeg Jets3/29/1993CanadaRound 3, #67 Overall - 2011
Gregoire, JasonLW31120Winnipeg Jets2/24/1989CanadaRound 3, #76 Overall - 2007
O'Dell, EricC30006Winnipeg Jets6/21/1990CanadaRound 2, #39 Overall - 2008
Kirkpatrick, Michael*C30000Winnipeg Jets5/9/1990CanadaUndrafted
Albert, JohnC30004Winnipeg Jets1/19/1989USARound 6, #175 Overall - 2007
DePape, Jordan*C10005Winnipeg Jets3/17/1992CanadaUndrafted
Koper, LevkoLW32022Winnipeg Jets10/5/1990CanadaRound 7, #185 Overall - 2009
Wilson, Klarc*RW20005Winnipeg Jets4/1/1993USAUndrafted
Wiebe, Shayne*C31012Winnipeg Jets1/23/1990CanadaUndrafted
Redmond, ZachD30000Winnipeg Jets7/26/1988USARound 7, #184 Overall - 2006
Yuen, ZachD30002Winnipeg Jets3/3/1993CanadaRound 4, #119 Overall - 2011
Chiarot, BenD20007Winnipeg Jets5/9/1991CanadaRound 4, #120 Overall - 2009
Sol, CodyD30004Winnipeg Jets2/11/1991CanadaRound 5, #125 Overall - 2009
Owuya, SebastianD20000Winnipeg Jets10/8/1991SwedenRound 6, #169 Overall - 2010
Melchiori, JulianD30000Winnipeg Jets12/6/1991CanadaRound 3, #87 Overall - 2010
McFaull, KendallD20000Winnipeg Jets4/10/1992CanadaRound 6, #155 Overall - 2010
Pasquale, EdwardG22020.001.000Winnipeg Jets11/20/1990CanadaRound 4, #117 Overall - 2009
Carrozzi, ChrisG21111.00.943Winnipeg Jets3/2/1990CanadaRound 6, #154 Overall - 2008

World Junior Championships
Scheifele, MarkC63360Canada3/15/1993CanadaRound 1, #7 Overall - 2011
Telegin, IvanC611212Russia2/28/1992RussiaRound 4, #101 Overall - 2010

$ - This player is under contract (AHL/ECHL are assumed as under contract)
* - Undrafted invites to the Penticton prospects tournament team

WJG 09-30-2011 12:54 PM

How come there's no team listed for Sebastian Owuya?

Rheged 09-30-2011 12:57 PM


Originally Posted by WJG (Post 37283533)
How come there's no team listed for Sebastian Owuya?

The Tiger's were at their limit for overager's and waived him last week, to my knowledge he hasn't been picked up by another team as of yet.

Le Golie 09-30-2011 01:01 PM

Here's a link to the old thread, this new one will have the stat table as the first post and it'll be updated there. Thanks Rheged.


Holden Caulfield 09-30-2011 01:43 PM

Looking good Rheged!! Was hoping for something like this, the old thread was hard to follow since you had to search around for stats and the like. Thanks Alot!

Mossy Oak 09-30-2011 02:14 PM

Awesome thread. Awesome layout. :handclap:

Hockeyfrilla 09-30-2011 03:08 PM

Sebastian Owuya signs with Stockton Thunder in the ECHL.


Sweech 09-30-2011 03:42 PM


Originally Posted by Hockeyfrilla (Post 37288943)
Sebastian Owuya signs with Stockton Thunder in the ECHL.


Good for him. I'm glad he could find a team to play for.

Johnny8242 09-30-2011 06:28 PM

Just wondering
I guess the Jets won't sign Owuya it's very unusual for a prospect to do this.

AndersUlfBobby 10-01-2011 02:10 AM

Jets CHL Prospects Report for Friday, September 30
Jets CHL Prospects Report for Friday, September 30

Barrie Colts 2 Niagara IceDogs 4


Ivan Telegin collects no points or penalty minutes and goes -1 for the night.

Belleville Bulls 2 Oshawa Generals 1


Austen Brassard has a quite night, no involved in scoring, no penalties and -1 for the game.

Twitter Feed
John Chartrand makes his first start in a Bulls uniform tonight at the General Motors Centre.
Bulls with 15 skaters tonight as Shaw is out. 10 forwards, 5 defence.
Bulls kill off a 5 on 3 disadvantage. Game tied 1-1 here in Oshawa
Bulls and Generals tied at one after 20 minutes. Judson and Lessio with goals.
Bulls to the PP. Laughton for interference
At the halfway point shots are 17 Oshawa 15 Bulls
Bulls on another powerplay. Jenner had a roughing call after he and Gaunce had a tilt.
Tied 1-1 after 2 periods. Shots even too at 21 a piece
Bulls/Gens still tied at one after 40. Chartrand making some big saves. Shots knotted at 21.
Bulls score! Goal by Silas with a rocket to the top corner!
Bulls wrap up a 2-1 victory in Oshawa tonight. Goals from Luke Judson and Stephen Silas.

Swift Current Broncos 5 Brandon Wheat Kings 4 (SO)


Adam Lowry gets a goal, gets nabbed for a double roughing and unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, ends the night at a +1 and named 2nd star.

Twitter Feed
Fight between Andy Blanke and Wheat Kings Michael Ferland early in the contest.
GOAL: Coda Gordon scores his first WHL goal giving the Broncos an early lead. Jordan Peddle with the assist.
Wheaties Michael Ferland ties the game at one slipping one past Austin Smith.
End of 1st period, shots on net 20-11 Broncos.
14 minutes remaining in the second. Still a 1-1 game.
Broncos head onto their second PP of the night.
GOAL: Adam Lowry scores on the man advantage giving the Broncos a 2-1 lead! Richard Nedomlel and Coda Gordon with assists.
Brandon's Eric Roy scores tying the game at two.
6 minutes left in the second period. Shots on net 21-12 Broncos.
Broncos go onto the PK. Reece Scarlett gets 2 minutes for Hooking and 4 minutes for Cross Checking. Mark Stone gets 2 minutes for Roughing.
Broncos and Wheat Kings tied at 2 after 40 minutes. Shots on net: 21-12 Broncos.
Broncos start the 3rd period on the penalty kill.
GOAL: Richard Nedomlel scores his second of his WHL career! Broncos lead 3-2. Assist to Taylor Vause.
Jason Swyripa wastes no time tying the contest, shooting one past netminder Austin Smith. Contest tied at 3.
Graham Black is called for slashing. Broncos back on the PK.
Michael Ferland capitalizes on the man advantage. Broncos trail 4-3.
Broncos couldn't capitalize on the PP. 8:53 remaining in the 3rd. Shots on net: 28 - 25 Broncos.
Broncos head onto PK as they are called for Too Many Men.
Broncos successfully kill off PK. 3:56 remaining in the 3rd. Broncos trail 4-3.
GOAL!!! Vause scores a much needed Bronco goal to tie the game at 4 with less than a minute remaining in play! Let's go Broncos!
Broncos and Wheat Kings head to overtime. Let's go Broncos!
A scoreless overtime means only one thing....SHOOT OUT!
Mark Stone 1st up for the Wheat Kings...DENIED!
Brad Hoban up...SCORES!
Michael Ferland...Shoots wide.
Graham Black up...Sends it wide.
Bertaggia....goes WIDE!
Broncos take their first WIN of the 2011/12 season!
3 stars: 3) Eric Roy BDN 2) Adam Lowry 1) Michael Ferland BDN

Prince Albert Raiders 5 Moose Jaw Warriors 6 (SO)


Kendall McFaull not involved in any scoring or penalties, but finished the night at a +2

Tri-City Americans 4 Portland Winterhawks 1


Big night for Zach Yuen. He gets an empty net goal and goes +4 for the game. No penalties.


With 2.3 seconds remaining, and following a face-off win by Brendan Shinnimin in the Tri-City end, Zachary Yuen’s clearing pass ricocheted off the near boards and wound up in the middle of Portland’s empty net, capping the scoring in the contest.

AndersUlfBobby 10-01-2011 02:19 AM

Jets CHL Prospects Report for Saturday, October 1
Jets CHL Prospects Report for Saturday, October 1

Niagara IceDogs 5 Belleville Bulls 3

Austen Brassard assists on Bulls first goal, gets no penalties and finishes +1.

Bulls Twitter Feed
Gronvault scores against his old team! Its 1-0 Bulls!
Chartrand in net for the Bulls. Shots are 6-1 in favour of Bulls
Payerl puts another one in for the Bulls! It's 2-0 Bulls after 6 min of play!
Gallardi now in nets for the Ice Dogs
3-0 Bulls! Hooey scores !!! Shots are 9-1 Bulls
All tied in a comeback effort in the Bulls Dogs game. Tied 3-3 after 1 period
4-3 IceDogs over the Bulls going into the third period
5-3 Niagara. Bulls fall to the Dogs tonight. Shots 36 Bulls 32 Dogs

Peterborough Petes 5 Barrie Colts 6 (OT)

Ivan Telegin gets an assist on the Colts third goal, gets 2 PIM and goes +1.

Colts allow 3 consecutive goals in the last 1:21 of the third to lose their 3 goal lead. Telegin got a slashing penalty at 17:29 of the third, which lead to the Petes scoring on the PP to pull within 1. Then the Petes score with 1 second left in the game to force overtime. Fortunately for the Colts, Eric Locke scored 2:32 into OT for the Colts win.

Colts Twitter Feed
Colts own a 1-0 lead after the first period vs Peterborough. Congrats to Brandon Devlin on his first of the season! Go Colts Go!!!

Swift Current Broncos 4 Moose Jaw Warriors 7

Adam Lowry (Swift Current) gets 4 PIM, assisted on the Broncos second goal and goes -2 for the night. Named third star of the game.
Kendall McFaull (Moose Jaw) also gets 4 minutes in penalties, no scoring points and finishes +2.

Broncos Twitter Feed
Broncos leading over Warriors 2-1 after 20 minutes of play!
Moose Jaw locks the game at 2 at 6:04 of the second.
Graham Black restores the Broncos one goal lead near the midway mark of the second. Peddle with the assist.
Moose Jaw retaliates with a marker of their own less than a minute later to even the contest at 3.
Warriors Aschim tallies a quick goal seconds later to put the Warriors up by one.
Broncos switch netminders. Steven Myland is now between the posts.
Broncos trail 5-3 as Warriors Fioretti slips one past netminder Steven Myland.
Broncos trailing 5-3 to the Warriors after 40 minutes. Shots : 30 - 22 Warriors.
Warriors' White scores to force the Broncos to trail 6-3 early in the third.
Broncos close the gap to two as Coda Gordon scores his second of the evening.
Warriors score an empty netter with less than a minute remaining in play.
3 Stars: 3) Adam Lowry 2) Torin White 1) Sam Fioretti

AndersUlfBobby 10-02-2011 08:58 AM

Jets CHL Prospects Report for Sunday, October 2
Jets CHL Prospects Report for Sunday, October 2

No CHL games involving Winnipeg Jets prospects

Next CHL games involving Jets prospects not until Wednesday, October 5.

surixon 10-02-2011 01:31 PM

Kasdorf made 26 saves in a 5-4 shoot out loss.

Bills09 10-04-2011 03:28 AM

anyword on if Yasin Cisse is healthy?

Rheged 10-04-2011 11:07 AM


Originally Posted by Bills09 (Post 37433423)
anyword on if Yasin Cisse is healthy?

He didn't play in Boston's exhibition game on saturday because of a minor concussion, but according to the game recap he may be back for next weekends game.


BU opens their season at home next Saturday against New Hampshire. As they were tonight, they will be without Ryan Santana, who is likely to miss all or most of the first semester with a shoulder injury. Ryan Ruikka may be out for a few weeks, and Yasin Cisse may or may not be back next weekend after suffering a mild concussion. “He’s day to day, like we all are,” Parker quipped.
Full recap here.

AndersUlfBobby 10-04-2011 07:50 PM

Jets CHL Prospects Report for Wednesday, October 5
Jets CHL Prospects Report for Wednesday, October 5

Oshawa Generals 2 Belleville Bulls 4

Austen Brassard assists on the Bulls second goal, gets 2 PIM and goes +1 for the night.



Dylan Corson put the Bulls ahead with his first goal since back on March 5th, 2010. Corson's second career marker came off a great play by linemate Austen Brassard, who swatted down an airbourne feed from Danny Elser at the Oshawa blueline, eventually dishing to Corson to swatted a knuckler over the shoulder of Altshuller. The goal was also Elser's first point as a Belleville Bull as the former London Knight suited up for the first time since a September 7th exhibition game where he separated his shoulder.
Bulls Twiter Feed
Bulls and Gens tied at one after twenty. Luke Judson for Belleville, Nicklas Jensen scores with four seconds left for Oshawa.
Shots on goal knotted at 15 after one period. Gennies outdo Bulls in the faceoff circle 10-8.
Bulls lead Oshawa 3-2 after two. Quick goals by Corson and Judson before Boone Jenner brought it back to within one. Shots 30-25
Bulls enter third period with a one goal lead on Oshawa. John Chartrand looking stellar in goal.
Adam Payerl and Sebastian Uvira continue their early season rivalry with a round of fisticuf
Bulls close out a 4-2 victory as Brendan Gaunce adds a shorthanded marker at 12:56. Bulls now 3-3 on the year. Kingston at the Yard on Sat.

Lethbridge Hurricanes 2 Moose Jaw Warriors 3

Kendall McFaull scores the games opening goal, gets zero PIM and finishes the game even.



“We still have a lot of young guys in the lineup,” said Warriors captain Kendall McFaull. “Good teams find ways to win no matter what. We haven’t been playing our best sometimes, but I like what I saw in the first period. If we can play like that consistently, it will be great.

“Things are looking good. We’ve improved a lot since the first game against Brandon.”

The Moose Jaw Warriors success Wednesday was started by the defence. McFaull scored his first of the season and then Morgan Rielly scored a highlight reel goal to put the Warriors ahead 2-0 after 20 minutes.
Warriors Twiter Feed
Warriors up 2-1 near 10 minute mark of the 2nd!
All tied at 2 after 2! Look out 3rd period!
Warriors go on penalty kill. 9 mins left and still tied at 2!
Make that a shorthanded goal!!! Warriors up 3-2!! Aschim scores!
Warriors on the powerplay. 5 mins left. Up 3-2.
3 minutes left!! Time to be on the edge of your seats!!
Lethbridge pulls goalie! 35 seconds left!
That's the game folks! Warriors win 3-2!! Make sure to be here Friday night!!

Tri-City Americans 3 Kelowna Rockets 4

Zach Yuen scores two goals, the last on the power play, gets no penalties and plays even for the game.



As the game neared the midway point, though, Tri-City finally got on the scoreboard. Breaking in on Rockets’ netminder, Adam Brown, Adam Hughesman fed Zachary Yuen as the third man high, whose shot from the top of the left circle beat Brown over his glove, making it a 3-1 game.

With only 1:18 gone of the third period, Tri-City pulled back to within two following Michal Plutnar’s shot from the slot. Then, almost eight minutes later, and on the power play, Yuen connected for a second time, again beating Brown high over his glove.

Tri-City Twiter Feed
Americans 0 at Kelowna 1 (Baillie) after 1. Shots 11-10 Kelowna
Americans 1 (Yuen) at Kelowna 4 after 2 periods. Shots 22-20 Rockets.
Americans 3 at Kelowna 4 with 9:56 left in the 3rd. Goals by Plutnar and Feser.
Final Americans 3 at Kelowna 4. Goals by Yuen (2) and Plutnar.
Yuen Nets Two But Americans' Come-Back Falls Short vs. Kelowna

Rheged 10-05-2011 12:24 PM

Posted this in the St John's thread as well but I think the part about Melchiori is worth putting here as well.


Originally Posted by St John's Telegram
Three of them — Ben Chiarot, Cody Sol and Julian Melchiori — could be returned to their respective OHL teams as overage juniors. Melichiori, who doesn’t turn 20 until December, has complicated the situation with a solid pre-season performance. Going into training camp, the expectation was he wouldn’t be playing as a pro this year.

Nice to hear Melchiori is continuing his strong play as I thought he was pretty good during the rookie camp.

Full article about St John's here.

AndersUlfBobby 10-05-2011 06:34 PM

Well, Julian Melchiori pretty much confirms he's on the way back to the Rangers in a twit 3 hours ago...

Melch_7 Julian Melchiori
by OHLRangers
Good run.. Sad its over... But its the way it works out sometimes.. Looking forward to be back with @OHLRangers tomorrow. Thanks @NHLJets.
3 hours ago



Julian Melchiori and Cody Sol have been returned by the Winnipeg Jets and are expected to be in the line-up on Friday, October 7th.

AndersUlfBobby 10-06-2011 07:20 PM

Jets CHL Prospects Report for Thursday, October 6
Jets CHL Prospects Report for Thursday, October 6

Mississauga St. Michaels Majors 4 Barrie Colts 3


Majors score with 8 seconds left in the game, their third unanswered goal of the final period, to steal the win from the Colts.

Ivan Telegin not listed in the Colts lineup. Nothing on the Colts website to indicate if he really sat this one out, and if so, why.

Regardless, here's a story about him in the Barrie Examiner...


"He should be able to put up 30 or 40 goals, we're hoping," said Colts assistant coach Todd Miller. "He's a big power forward and if we can put him with some skilled players, he can crash and bang down low.

"There's a lot that we think can come from him."

"Even in Winnipeg, they told him that he needs to work on his English a little bit more," Miller said.

"His defensive zone play needs work, and he needs to not be running all over the place," Miller said. "That's what Winnipeg told him and reiterated to (Colts head coach) Dale (Hawerchuk) that that's what needs to work on to get to the next level.

"He's great offensively, but at that level, everyone's great offensively. You have to take care of your own end."

Colts Twitter Feed
Colts and Majors locked at one after the first period. Congrats to Erik Bradford on his first career OHL goal.
Zach Hall has scored twice to give Barrie a 3-1 lead. Go Colts Go!


AndersUlfBobby 10-06-2011 09:57 PM

Jets CHL Prospects Report for Friday, October 7

Kelowna Rockets 2 Tri-City Americans 5


Zach Yuen earns assists on TC's second and last goals. Finishes +1 and gets 0 PIM.

Americans Twitter Feed
Americans host Kelowna tonight at 7:05. Eric Comrie gets the start in net.
Kelowna 1 at Americans 1 (PPG Rankin 5th) after 1. Shots 14-13 Kelowna.
At Americans 4 (Rankin 2, J. Messier and Hughesman), Kelowna 2 after 2. Shots 29-21 TC.

Edmonton Oil Kings 3 Moose Jaw Wariors 1


Kendall McFaull goes -1 for the game, no points or penalties.

Saginaw Spirit 1 Kitchener Rangers 4


Cody Sol goes +3 for the night. No goals, no assists, no penalties.
Julian Melchiori also goes without any points, finishes even and gets 2 PIM.

Rangers Twitter Feed
Cody Sol and Julian Melchiori are back in blue!! Gibson getting the start in goal. #GoRangersGo
Rangers on the PP. Terry Trafford in the box for hooking at 5:56.
Make that 4-on-4 as Melchiori heads to the box.
Marcantuoni makes his way off the ice after taking a hard hit. Josh Shalla gets 5 and game misconduct for a head check.
It's 4-on-4 as captain Catenacci gets 2 for tripping.
Another Saginaw penalty! 4-on-3 as Archibald goes off for tripping.
Rangers 5-on-3 as Catenacci leaves the box. 2 more minutes with the 2 man advantage
Rangers timeout. 42 seconds left in the 5-on-3 PP. Less than 2 mins to go in the first, still 0-0!
Brad Walch is the latest addition to the Spirit penalty box, called for delay of game.
GOAL!!!! Radek Faksa's third of the season makes it 1-0 Rangers!
And that's the end of the first period. Kitchener leading 1-0. Outshot Saginaw 17-10 in the opening frame
Second period underway. Rangers on the PP leading 1-0.
Saginaw with a shorthanded goal that makes it 1-1. 5:25 left in the second.
Eric Ming in the box for interference. Saginaw PP with under 2 to play in the second.
Wow! GOAL!!! Rieder with an absolute ROCKET makes it 2-1 Rangers as the second period comes to a close.
GOAL! Rieder's second of the game makes it 3-1
Catenacci with his 6th helper of the season, and second of the night.
Kitchener on the PP as Steven Strong is sent to the bench for tripping. Just over 15 minutes to play. 3-1 Rangers
Gibson with a HUGE save to keep it 3-1 Rangers. Less than four minutes to play
Final minute of play, Rangers add an empty netter! Rieder with the hat trick to make it 4-1


Rheged 10-07-2011 11:36 AM

Also playing this weekend:

Des Moines 3 Green Bay 5 - Kasdorf did not play
Des Moines 3 Tri City 1 - Kasdorf with 20 saves
Quinnipac 1 Ohio State 2 - Samuels-Thomas with no points
Michigan State 2 Boston College 5 - Leveille with an assist
Northeastern 3 Massachusetts 3 - Saponari with 2 assists
Michigan 5 Bently 1 - Serville with an assist
U. Maine 1 Merrimack 2 - O'neill with no points

Boston U. 5 New Hampshire 0 - Cisse did not play
Quinnipac 4 Ohio State 3 - Samuels-Thomas with no points
Michigan 4 Bentley 1 - Serville with no points
Michigan State 3 Air Force 2 - Leveille with no points
Colorado 5 USNDT 0 - Stoykewych with no points, Harstad with no points but 8 PIMs
Atlant 2 Torpedo 3 - Zubarev had no points
Colorado 3 Las Vegas 4 - Only Micheal Forney of our prospects was listed on the game sheet, he had no points and 4 PIMS
St John's 4 Providence 1
  • Postma had a goal and was +1
  • Machacek had an assist and was +1
  • Weibe had an assist and was +1
  • Holzapfel had an assist and was +2
  • Kulda had an assist, 4 PIMs and was +2
  • Klingberg had a goal, 4 PIMs and was +1

And of course the Jets have their first game of the season Sunday afternoon.

I should note that all the times listed are for the respective time zones the games are taking place in. I probably should've converted them all to central but I didn't feel like taking the extra time to do that right now :laugh:. I might edit it later, but the main point to get cross is that we have plenty of prospect action this weekend.

Hockey seasons back :)

AndersUlfBobby 10-07-2011 08:05 PM

Rheged, could you post who all these teams are playing?

AndersUlfBobby 10-08-2011 07:19 AM

Jets CHL Prospects Report for Saturday, October 8

Kingston Frontenacs 0 Belleville Bulls 3

Austen Brassard goons it up tonight, earning 8 minutes in the penalty box. He got himself 2 high sticking, 1 roughing and 1 interference penalties. With all that time off the ice he didn't have any time left to contribute to the Bull's 3 goals. He did however play even for the game.

Kitchener Rangers 3 Sarina Sting 4

Julian Melchiori gets 0 pts, receives 2 minor penalties and goes +2
Cody Sol also goes scoreless, also receives 2 minors and goes even.

Niagara IceDogs 6 Barrie Colts 8

Ivan Telegin not listed in Barrie's lineup. Can't find any information explaining why he hasn't dressed for the second consecutive game.

Holy crap, does Barrie ever get into some free wheelin' hockey. See saw games every night! Dale is going to lose all his hair before Xmas at this rate.

Lethbridge Hurricanes 3 Swift Current Broncos 6

Adam Lowry scores Speedy Creek's third goal and adds an assist, goes penalty-less and finishes even.

Broncos Twitter Feed
Hurricanes score on a point shot 2:28 into the 1st
Moser scores on the 2 on 1.....Broncos tie it up at 1 with 9:51 left in 1st
Moser from Hoban and Reum
7:04 left in the 1st, Boncos and Hurricanes tied at 1...Shots are 8-7 for the Broncos
Black snipes from the top of the circle....Broncos up 2-1!
Muth and Heatherington pick up the assists
Lowry scores on the PP....Broncos up 3-1 with 2:49 left in the 1st!!
Vause and Nedomlel get assists on Lowry's goal
Cameron just misses stuffing one in the open net....Broncos still up 3-1 with 2:05 left in the 1st
Broncos kill off a Hurricanes power play to end the 1st period. Broncos lead 3-1. Shots are 12-11 for the Broncos.
Dale and Ryckman get into a fight early in the 2nd....Dale gets the the take down
Hurricanes score to cut the Broncos lead to 3-2
The Hurricanes just miss a chance to tie it up after hitting the post
Nedomlel makes three big blocks including an empty net save!
Broncos on a 4 on 3 PP
End of the 2nd period, the Broncos lead the Hurricanes 3-2. Shots are 23-18 for the Broncos.
Hurricanes score on the PP and the game is tied up at 3 with 13 mins left in the 3rd
Broncos to the power play
Blanke throws it out front and the Broncos bang it in to take the 4-3 lead!!!
Gordon from Blanke and Heatherington on the Bronco go ahead goal
Gordon scores again!!!! Broncos go up 5 to 3 with 7 mins left!!
Gordon gets his 2nd of the night with assists going to Lowry and Vause
Broncos win 6-3!!!
3 Stars from the game: 3) Hoban 2) Braes 1) Gordon

surixon 10-08-2011 12:37 PM

Good to see that some of our prospects have started really strong so far this year. I am happy with both Yuen's and Lowery's starts.

DWD 10-08-2011 07:54 PM

It's also good to see Brassard off to a good start.
I remember one of the coaches was impressed with him during the prospects tourney. Saying he plays a smart game.

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