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Good Tip

Originally Posted by Nbr-17 View Post
I switched at the beginning of the summer season and really like them so far. The noise either gets less & less as you skate on them, or I've gotten used to it and don't notice it anymore. I like how consistent my skates feel everytime I step on the ice. No more worries, if buddy screwed up my skates when he sharpened them. There is also a noticable weight difference. To extend the life of the runners you can switch them from left to right as usually the inside edge will be more worn then the outside. As far as cost is concerned, get your runners in bulk from an on-line supplier. You will not find a lot of pro-shops/LHS that will recommend t'blades, but keep in mind that they make 100% profit margin on sharpening whereas they would only make X% on t'blades. More often then not skate sharpening is a major source of income for them.
That is a very good tip about switching left and right runners to gain a refreshed inside edge. A practice that I suspect not many people are aware of. . .

It is too bad that competant sharpeners are hard to find in some regions. . . . Sharpening skates is not rocket science, its simple to provide accurate and flexible service at reasonable rates. (see my website)

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