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03-08-2004, 10:36 AM
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I agree. I would hate for us to deal any more of our top prospects at this point. If you look at the Sens and other teams at or near the top, they built thier core from within and then added a few key vets to fill the holes.

The Kings have a history of dealing away its youth to nab a couple of vets and once we get them, we have nothing to surround them with.

I wouldn't deal any of them at this point. I reckon Karlson, Steckel, Hogeboom, Smithson, Rome, Petiot etc all have a shot at providing some sort of assistance to our teams developement. I reckon I would move Rosa as I feel he won't get a chance to show his skills for us and there are a couple of others I might move along for simmilar reasons but thats about it.

The reason that teams want our kids is because they are top notch. Straka will be a grand help to us next year when Ziggy is back and healty and I feel we might be close to a cup then but, Anshankov will be making his NHL debut next season as well (or so it seems) and if he is any good at all, in two years he could be much better than Marty for us who by then could be gone.

I say, since we have been so great at drafting over the past few years and dealing for the right prospects that we should hang onto them and let the season end.

Give these kids the experience they need and then next year we will be that much closer.

Hogeboom (based on his rookie camps and how everyone said Andy and Dave loved his game and his NCAA career)
Karlson (rumoured to be coming over)
Clarke (having a great career in the AHL)
and a few others are either with the team or about ready for a look with us.

After we see how they are at the NHL level if we were to deal any of them away then we would know thier value and would be looking to replace them. Until then it is a mistake. We could be dealing away what we already have to get a player who may or may not be better.

That is why I say it would have to be a blockbuster deal well in our favour to make it happen for my dosh.

I don't see that happening. Now, if we can only get Andy to see things the same way and start favouring our lads over any player that has a couple of years under thier belts then all would be propper.

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