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07-24-2007, 07:13 PM
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Originally Posted by DarthSather99 View Post
"Reach" would you define scouting service rankings? or do you work with an NHL team?
Do I work with an NHL team? Off course, I do. Doesn't everyone here?
Everyone talks about Getzlef but if any team really thought he was going to be as good as he is...why did he last so long?
That's hardly the point. The point is that he was a much safer pick than Jessiman. As was Parise. As was Seabrook. As was Carter. As was Richards. As was Boyle. No need to go on.
I can be an expert at everything too after the fact. Heck I can even get lucky some times and pick a player that ends up being greater than his draft position. Does that make me an expert? no...
What makes an "expert"? I am betting that there are more people on this board who know much more than the so-called experts on ESPN. There are some people here who watch more prospects than Redline or THN. We are not experts. However, even so, most of us knew that there were many more choices than Jessiman.
The Rangers took a home run swing, at a player that would dominate or could completely miss. That was known. You live with the consequences.
Again, that is not the point.
With the exception of two players picked after Jessiman I don't really see any great players, nothing more than we already have now with this organization albeit a bit younger.
Dustin Brown, Bernier, Seabrook, Parise, Belle, Stuart, Boyle, Getzlaf, Richards

Looks to me like lots of people that would have looked good in a Rangers uniform.
by the way ....there are no "sure" things in any draft.
No, but some choices are safer than others.

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