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Originally Posted by Goalie Needed View Post
Never said I didn't like him. As a matter of fact I said I do like him. What I said was he's not as good as everyone around here seems to think he is. Will he be someday? In my view, no. But that's just me. He is not a 1/2 dman at this point in his career and I don't think anyone can argue that. Janik certainly isn't either but he is a better stay at home guy than Ranger and doesn't blow coverage like Ranger does. Doesn't get his ice time either I know this but to me he seems more disiplined than Ranger. I actually like both of them. So there. And Patrick is just pissed because I slammed his "Ranger is one of the most underated guys in the NHL" comment. He knows better.

Let's see how many games into the season he can go before he gets benched. Sorry I'm not as excited as everyone else.
That's what you said when he was signed. Obviously, thinking you "don't care for him" if you think he'll be benched quickly is a reasonable assumption.

My original point is still uncommented about. You beleive in the potential of a 27 year old over a 22 year old who is already better. Doesn't Ranger get time to mature? Don't see how you'll spin that one. But good luck.

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