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03-08-2004, 02:54 PM
Sather Hater
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Dunham Proposal

As the trade deadline approaches, and Dunham just about losing all his confidence in a Rangers jersey, and the direction the Rangers are headed, what do you think about trading Dunham to Colorado for Phil Suave? The Av's most likely will trade for a experienced back up goalie for their playoff run, especially after Suave let up 7 goals against Calgary.

With the Rangers rebuilding and Blackburn's injury causing some uncertainty, and Lundqvuist most likely few years away from possibly making the big club why not try and get a young goalie with some potential to split time with one of our current youngsters. Larbarbera has shown he doesn't have what it takes to play in the big leagues. Truthfully, I have never been that high on Suave, except he did look good in the Young Guns game, when he won the MVP.

It seems like a deal that could benefit both clubs. I know we're all down on Dunham right now, but when he's on his game he can be a top goalie. He's played on the last 3 olympic teams, and will most likely still be the starter for the USA World Cup team this summer. Maybe a trade to the Av's will get him to raise his game a level like he did when he came to the Rangers last year, and for a brief period the beginning of this year.

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