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07-26-2007, 04:30 PM
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Originally Posted by LastoftheBrunnenG View Post
That's what you said when he was signed. Obviously, thinking you "don't care for him" if you think he'll be benched quickly is a reasonable assumption.

My original point is still uncommented about. You beleive in the potential of a 27 year old over a 22 year old who is already better. Doesn't Ranger get time to mature? Don't see how you'll spin that one. But good luck.
Hasn't he been benched in the past? Yea, he has, and more than once. So saying that obviously means I don't like the guy, right? And since it was his coach who benched him, that must mean he doesn't care for him either? Come on man.

Spin what? Of course he gets time to mature as does any young player. All I said was I wasn't calling out the brass bands for his new contract, that's it. You decided to spin it into something it isn't. Nice try.

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