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Originally Posted by Goalie Needed View Post
Hasn't he been benched in the past? Yea, he has, and more than once. So saying that obviously means I don't like the guy, right? And since it was his coach who benched him, that must mean he doesn't care for him either? Come on man.

Spin what? Of course he gets time to mature as does any young player. All I said was I wasn't calling out the brass bands for his new contract, that's it. You decided to spin it into something it isn't. Nice try.
That's pretty good spin. I'm not buying it, but nice try. Anyone who goes out of his way to post what you posted is either got an axe to grind or WAY too much time on his hands. If it's the later, it's like calling up one of 1-900 poll questions and answering "I don't know" or "no opinion". I mean, why bother? So you don't care he got signed? But you took the time to tell everyone..."I don't care." Thanks for nothing. I find that hard to beleive and think you were taking your usual pot shot at Ranger. But when the indomitable Doug Janik is signed! Woo Hoo!!!

Janik's 27 and Ranger is 22, yet you get excited by Janiks potential and signing and yet rain on Rangers parade, not that anyone was trying to plan one. Anything else is spin by default. Unless 27 is 5 years younger than 22. Or Janik is suddenly better than Ranger.

I'm going to Cooperstown this weekend, but I eagerly look forward to your response about a player you don't really care about when I get back.




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