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07-27-2007, 02:10 AM
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Originally Posted by hardcore_fan View Post
Umm, only two of those players are Oilers at the moment.I just don't see how this redistribution from RFA to UFA (which what Oilers fans seem to saying this about) helps small markets teams including Edmonton.Now it just means that guys like JF Jaques can tell Lowe they want $4,5 mil as soon as they crack 40 pts.How does driving up the price of young what should be cheap talent help a team like Edmonton except in the VERY short term?
Actually, because Edmonton does have a lot of young players, it might hurt them in the short term. But it will probably help them in the long term.

If there are loads of teams with good young players and lots of cap space, in a market where RFAs have no leverage, and cap space is equal, a city like Edmonton just won't be able to compete with cities where the weather is gorgeous or the travel is very light. If the money is the same, why wouldn't you choose to live in Tampa or New York? I love Edmonton, but c'mon... if I can make 7 million a year anywhere, I'll pick Phoenix or Anaheim.

But if the price is driven up on RFAs, then cap space is more of a commodity. Players therefore may be more inclined to follow money. And if that's the case, then it's a more level playing field - because there will be years where the Oilers (or Flames or Sens or Sabres or whomever) can offer more money to the top free agents, enough that it's a difference maker.

If Edmonton can compete financially with teams, then it makes perfect sense for them to make financial incentive as much of a factor as possible. Because, let's face it, we can't compete with the Rangers' nightlife, the Leafs' travel, and the Phoenix weather. So you sign the players where you can offer that financial incentive, and you hopefully either get them or you change the market dynamics to something more favorable.

Let's face it, the current dynamics weren't working for the Oilers. And, to be honest, the 'unwritten code', it wasn't really fair to the players either.

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