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07-27-2007, 04:16 AM
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Originally Posted by anybodybutcalgary View Post
Despite how things look Kevin Lowe is actually helping the small market teams out..although he is driving up salaries for RFA's, on the flip side, this will probably result in lower salaries for UFA'a.

Now that their is linkage between revenues and salaries one man can't possibly drive up payrolls..this will just force teams to split the pie differently.

this definitely adds another element to the off season..gotta love the new NHL. Just goes to prove that this whole non sense of a gentlemans agreement was mythical and non-existant.

GM's still have choice..if they think the player is worth it, then match..If they think the offer is over payment, walk away and take the picks and let someone else take the hit on the bad contract.

after years and years of seeing the oilers roster get pillaged i think this is justice. after signing/trading for Pitkanen, Souray, Vanek & Penner i think this shows the NHL that edmonton can't be that bad of a place to play..
Yeah, the Edmonton Oilers is god sent for everyone and the NYR destroyed the game, we get the point.

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