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07-27-2007, 11:28 AM
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Originally Posted by koh19 View Post
so if I consider everything you guys have said (rest periods...), how could I plan my week

Monday: 6.7 K run
Tuesday: gym.....
Wednesday: .....
Thursday: interval based running
Friday: gym......
Saturday: ......
Sunday: gym.....

I have to place: -gym: abs, core, back and upperbody
: -gym: upperbody and legs
: -gym: legs and abs, core, back
: -sled dragging (wednesday or saturday)
: -rest day (wednesday or saturday)
Don't know if I understand this totally right, but it still looks like you're trying to fit a little too much in. It might be workable though..
Using your days I would go..

Monday: Cardio*
Tuesday: gym (heavy legs)
Wednesday: rest**
Thursday: rest***
Friday: gym (upper body push)
Saturday: Cardio
Sunday: gym (upper body pull)

* You had a distance run here. That doesn't really pay off in hockey, intervals would be better. If you enjoy a long run, do it, but at least maybe interval-ize it by joggin hard for 1 minute, then taking it slow for 2 minutes.

** Some light leg work would be good here if you can do it early. I forget the physiology behind it, but doing this soon (like 10-15 hours) after your weight session reduces DOMS and speeds recovery. You aren't after anything super intense, just a good burn for 15-20 minutes. A brisk bike ride works well. For a while, I'd do my legs late Tuesday night, then wake up around 630 on Wednesday and go for a 30 minute ride before work.

*** you had interval running here.. That's too intense to do this so soon after your leg routine. If you do a good lower body strength routine on Monday, this will be the day with the most DOMS in your legs. Leave those legs alone. Let them rest, recover, and grow. Wait till later in the week to hit them with intervals.

Rather than separating out sled drags, intervals, and running, throw all of them in the "Cardio" category and just pick the one you feel like doing on each particular day.

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