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03-08-2004, 08:12 PM
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I personally dont come to debate about anything earth shattering. The biggest problem I like to get into here is Sather's tenure in the organization Hopefully you guys respect my opinion and don't consider me a hater or simple.

I feel that gay marriage is wrong. There is a reason men and women have compatible plumbing. Where do you draw the line with this? Do you honestly feel comfortable growing up in a society where a man-man relationship is seen in equal standing as a man and woman. I personally try not to judge people. We all make mistakes and we all do the wrong thing sometimes. I have a couple of friends who go the other way and I look at them as people. I don't agree with what their doing, but they are good people and I'm not going to dismiss that.

I don't want my future children (godwilling I get married and ever have any) growing up in a society where this is commonplace. The United States is about freedom and I support that 100%, but I also feel we have a responsibilty to the future of our country to realize freedom doesnt mean anything goes. People seem to hide behind that word as a reason to be able to do whatever they want. I personally don't see the loss of values in our society as a posotive thing. We can all hide behind "freedom," but the loss of morals in society is not the intention of freedom.

I don't think gay marriage should be allowed because I think its important for us to not simply accept this lifestyle and put it on equal ground with the sanctity of marriage.

I realize many of you will probably dissagree, but I hope you respect my opinion. I probably won't post anything else on the topic because we could debate about this for the next 10 years and none of our opinions would probably change. The only thing we would accomplish is the aggravation of others.


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