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07-27-2007, 10:17 PM
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Originally Posted by obobo23 View Post
Well if McNab is better suited to run negotiations, perhaps because Burke's busy at the HOF, planning next season, or whatever, then it would be a good way to run a business.

What I find interesting about the news conference is how Burke doesn't really like not being notified ahead of time by Lowe. Sure it'd be a nice courtesy, but I don't see how Lowe should feel obliged to give advance notice. What I would be annoyed by, though, is Penner's agent not notifying me ahead of time. A heads up "we got this 21.5 million offer from Lowe and plan on signing it... would you be interested in signing us last minute for 20 million or trading our rights to Edmonton for something you would prefer other than draft picks?"
Draft picks are just the mandatory compensation. Burke and Lowe are free to work out an alternate deal instead of draft picks. And how exactly would the agent be doing the best by the player to call Burke and offer to let him sign his client for 1.5M LESS than he'd get otherwise? Players gets less and the agent gets less, a lose-lose for them.

The untold story here really is that Burke isn't upset that this offer was made to Penner as much as he's furious at what it will mean for him in the 2008 offseason. It's against good sense to let a young, good player walk from a team that is a contender now in return for draft picks. However, doing the smart thing for competativness and matching puts him in a bind with Perry and Getzlaf in 2008. You can bet both of them and their agents are paying close attention to what happens with Penner, and expecting similar deals themselves. Getzlaf alone might cost 5M+ to resign now, unless Burke wants to risk another team setting his price again. It's also raising the bar on arbitration, something Kings fans should be very concerned with since Cammalleri is scheduled for a hearing and Penner's deal likely will increase his award. Even the Sharks have to be a bit concerned with Bernier, Clowe, Michalek, Goc, Ehrhoff and Carle all due to be reupped via RFA in 2008 IIRC. Kevin Lowe could have potentially screwed over all three California franchises in fell swoop.

LA could lose it's young scorer
SJ could get in trouble with the cap and lose Marleau
ANA could lose Penner and get cap strapped by Getzlaf and Perry's deals

You guys might have beaten my Wings, but I actually am pretty pissed at Lowe right now for potentially screwing over 3 teams at once. As if I needed more reasons to hate the ******* Oilers.

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