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07-28-2007, 12:57 AM
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Originally Posted by obobo23 View Post
Well if McNab is better suited to run negotiations, perhaps because Burke's busy at the HOF, planning next season, or whatever, then it would be a good way to run a business.
What does it matter how busy he was or who he delegated the task to. Is the BC HOF more important than taking care of team business? To not even know with certainty what his club's position was with respect to negotiating with the only RFA on the team, and a key one at that, is just irresponsible. There's no other way to look at it. On top of this, he had to know that Penner would be an attractive commodity as he already saw what Edmonton had done with the Vanek offer. I'm sure most GM's after seeing what Edmonton did with Vanek would increase the level of priority and energy to get their RFA's signed. The only takeaway from his press conference that I came away with was Burke trying to deflect blame from himself and put it on KLowe, and instead he revealed himself to be almost completely out of touch with a situation that was entirely predictable and under his control. He obviously is a brilliant hockey GM, but I think he completely screwed up in this case.

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