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Originally Posted by Oi'll say!
As far as this deal is concerned, maybe Sather has tried to deal with Poile before and found him unreasonable, maybe Slats feels that the Preds will be able to sign Nedved long term whereas the Oil will set him adrift and the Rag$ can re-sign Petr without giving up any more players...
Ya, I'm not really a believer in the 'Old Boys' theory.

And I suppose it is possible that Sather feels he lost the Dunham trade to Poile ... and ego doesn't allow him to get stung twice by the same bee. I dunno though.

But I like your other theory better:
The fact that the Oilers are seen to be unlikely to pick up Nedved's option makes a lot of sense. In fact that may very well be an unwritten condition on this deal, and the reason he dealt with someone he trusted. And if it works out that way ... and Sather resigns Nedved for less than $5M when the NHL starts up again ---> Props to Slats, he's smarter than I thought he was. Nedved loves NY too. Hmmm ... a conspiracy theory worthy of 'Mr.Mackey' and 'copper&blue'!

If there is one thing I have come to appreciate ... it is that Occam's razor doesn't often apply to the actions of either Sather or Lowe.

EDIT: Just too add more fuel to your theory. Nedved really doesn't seem like a Lowe or MacTavish kind of player to me. And he's more of a scorer than an outscorer. though as a rental who must realize he'll be UFA this summer ... I'm fairly sure he'll put forth his best game though.

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