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03-08-2004, 09:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Son of Steinbrenner
That's right here we go again and you have yet to prove a point in any debate TrueBrooks. Murray is a future third line winger wow what's wrong with that? the rangers have not had top ten picks the last three years where have you been? Jonasen choose to come to north America and I give him credit for it. its better he learn the North American game than SEL right? hmm that could be a tough one for you. Walsh is playing on the first line in college and he is a sophomore. John Davidson who I think may know just a bit more about hockey than you says Taylor is a Mark Tinordi clone but hey that may not be good enough for you. Hey it takes time to develop prospects that's why sathers picks haven't played the last few years. But you aren't even right with that. Blackburn played Tjutin is one of our top 4 right now and in the future. maybe you haven't watched a game lately.

With your attitude towards rebuilding and the team its no wonder Dolan seems to think u can't rebuild in New York
Yea, and Manny Malhotra was a Mike Peca clone.

It's too early to judge the picks. We may get 7 NHL players out of Sathers drafts or we may get 2. To argue the quality is a dead end because we dont know what these guys will be yet. Maybe Walsh will be Tinordi or maybe he will be nothing. Maybe Jake Taylor will be our future captain or maybe he'll never even make the Wolf Pack. Maybe Dawes is the next St.Louis? I'm not ready to defend or bash Sathers drafting, but to be honest when you look at our top 10 how many are sure-fire NHL players? Blackburn, Tyutin, .... maybe Murray... give it time!!! The rest are wait-and-see.

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