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03-08-2004, 10:14 PM
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Originally Posted by -El Duderino-
Um why did you cut my argument. I didn't say you were fascist. I put that at the end of my post in regards to the issue. I was merely asking a question. Do you think homosexuality is a sign of a loss of morals in society?
And I gave you a Y-E-S.

I believe in my heart that its wrong. Maybe you do and maybe you don't. I am not saying I hate gay people, I just dissagree with them and I believe marriage is reserved for a man and a woman. Where does it end? Can a guy marry his sister or brother? Can a mother marry her son? This nation is leaning more and more to the left which is not a good thing IMO. I believe gay marriage is part of detiorating values in our country.

Calling me a fascist is just plain ignorant. Millions of Americans worldwide dissagree with Gay marriage, does that mean we are in danger of a Nazi uprising in the US? My grandfather had bullets whizzing past his head at Normandy, does it make him fascist if he believes gay marriage is wrong? If you don't have anything intelligent to bring to a conversation then I suggest you don't get involved because you do nothing but make your side look foolish.

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