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07-28-2007, 03:11 PM
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warrior's 4 lie is basically sherwoods 5 lie. warrior lies seem to be the old school sherwood lies +1. they dont match up with eastons lies at all. an easton 5 would be almost high as a sherwood 5.5 (coffey). your best bet for lie would be the smyth/federov/draper - the last two come in multiple lies including the 4. I think the draper is closest to the leclair in rocker, the smyth is a real nice toe curve. they both to me seem like more dramatic versions of the leclair, with the federov being straighter like the leclair. the weight will be the same lie as a recchi or coffey. the draper to me seems to have the closest overall profile to the leclair, but it is a pretty dramatic curve overall. i do find that if you get the right lie its easier to adapt to the pattern.

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