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07-29-2007, 11:33 AM
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Originally Posted by ukyote View Post
Used to be a die hard London Knights fan, but for 2 reasons I now couldn't give less of a **** about British hockey. 1 was the way we were treated by that snake Anschutz, 2 was the way that ******** who ran the BNL conducted himself. Sad, and more interested in vindication rather than the greater interests of the sport in GB.

Went to a few Racers games to support hockey in London but it seems hockey is just not viable in this country. There's a complete lack of money and attention from up top, which makes putting my own hard earned into it futile (especially as the ISL disappeared, and with it the decent level of talent).

Sorry guys there isn't room for both football and hockey in the UK. God how I miss watching Vez, Rushy etc in the London Arena.
I read this post and thought I might have done it and had a strange case of amnesia...

Only Knights season I missed was the first, watched all the way from the second to the end - never keen on the arena, way too big for us and poorly designed to boot (that roof was too high, any noise just vanished into thin air).

PS Rushforth was so overrated to be untrue! Always taking dumb penalties without even making up for it by scoring the odd goal - now if we're talking Rob Kenny....

PPS Since you liked Rushforth, you'll like this

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