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07-30-2007, 11:07 AM
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Originally Posted by gamera View Post
dude, that is hardcore...damn!

we've got a guy on our team that i hate to sit next to on the bench (thankfully i'm a forward and he plays D so i rarely sit by him...) because he smells soooooooooo bad!! the whole team jokes with him about it, and he even stuck all his gear in one of those ozone things but it didn't work....i think he likes it that way though....he keeps opposing forwards out of our zone with his smell alone LOL
yea, my friend has a queasy stomache and the smell sent him off. lol. It doesn't bother me, but none of my friends want to ride in my car anymore, which is a problem. I need to get rid of the stink from my car, as well as my hockey equipment and bag asap.!

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