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Originally Posted by Captain Jack View Post
I'd like to bump this thread mainly because I'm playing on my first team and could use all the advice I can get. I love playing D, just sometimes, in some situations I don't know where to go or what to do. For example, if a guy is coming at you with the puck, skates over the blueline, I know to angle him towards the boards [and just recently tried to keep them about a stick length away] but if he keeps trying to go down the boards how much can I really do in a non-hitting league? Can I just rub him into the boards? Another thing on sort of the same topic, if a guy is coming at me in the middle of the ice and tries some fancy pants moved how much can I really do? I know to follow his body and not the puck but can I hold him up? If I can, how do I go about doing so? I know I can't grab him.

I'm also going to try holding the stick back. Seems like a tricky idea.
Use your stick in both situations. If he blows by you in the middle, don't panick and pick his stick so he can't do squat with the puck and the puck just continues to trickle. It'll give you time to recover a little, and sometimes your close enough that your own golaie will help you out once you lift the guys stick cause they'll pounce on the loose puck.

Coming down the boards I usually let the guy keep on skating for a bit to make it seem like he's got it down and can drive around me. Then I just stick my stick in there...and poke the puck back the opposite way he's going. They usually can't stop fast enough to recover and you get the puck going the other way on a rush nice and quick too.

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