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Originally Posted by chosen View Post
Two points:

1. You are using career numbers which also rewards longevity as much as ability. Is it your contention that someone must spend their entire career or at least the bulk of their career in a Rangers jersey to be considered worthy? I can see your point on that. Under that scenario, however, Messier (mostly an Oiler) might not deserve his jersey flying from the rafters (Not something I believe).

2. Leetch never had to play at the same time as Orr. If he had he probably would not have won any of the awards you mentioned. It is not Park's fault that he played with a guy who was light years better than any other Dman that played at the same time as Leetch.

By the way, did you see Park in the 70's? Just curious.
1) I believe that Leetch is more worthy than Messier when it comes to having his number retired.

2) I understand that Leetch never had to play at the same time as Orr. But that's irrelevant to conversation.

I was born in 75 so I saw the end of Park's career. But I've read a lot about him. Again, I'm not disparaging Park's career. I'm saying that when you look at who had the better Ranger career, he doesn't come close the Leetch.


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