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Originally Posted by Burgs View Post
I've got some questions for you too, if you don't mind.
No, I don't mind

Dave Bonk
I was very impressed by Dave Bonk during his time in our league and I do feel he was one of the top players in Holland last season. He was selected RBK/ Player of Month in November 2006.

The cold stats say that he was the second best goalgetter in the league with 43 goals, third best on assists with 54 tallies and top of the league with an impressive 97 points. In eight playoff games he notched eight goals and seven assists. But of course stats don't always tell the whole story.

I would say he is definitely an impact player. He does not hesitate to go into the corners and has scored key goals throughout the season and the playoffs. Definitely the type of player who is there when you need him most.

Now, whether he will be up to 2nd Bundesliga standards is difficult for me to say. Who I can compare him to is TJ Caig, who switched from the Dutch league to Heilbronn in the Oberliga last year. I am sure you know he did very well there and was an impact player on that level. I think you can expect from Bonk what you could expect from Caig.

On the other hand we also had Dan Tessier in the Dutch league and he was a star over here. He is now starting the season in Duisburg, along with Bonk's Tilburg Trappers teammate Jeff Paul. Tommie Hartogs and Leo van den Thillart used to play for Krefeld in the DEL, both players who now play in the Dutch league.

To make a short story long, we have had a few players in the Dutch league who moved to various levels in Germany and did well. There is no way for me to be sure of how Bonk will do, but if I were a 2nd Bundesliga team I would be very comfortable signing him. He may not be top of the league, but he will surely do his best to get there.

Belgian/Dutch League
Been there, done that, have the nightmares The Dutch and Belgian leagues most recently had a joined competition two and three seasons ago. It was called the 'Coup der Lage Landen', which means 'Cup of the Low Lands'. At the end of the competition all the Dutch teams were in the top half of the table, while the Belgians were in the bottom half. There were loads of lopsided results, including 21-0's. It was big news when a Belgian team beat a Dutch team.

It was terrible for both players and fans. At that time the difference between the two leagues was just too big. I am not saying that may not change over the next few years. If things keep going the way they are now, the overall level in The Netherlands could drop. Belgium on the other hand have been working to improve their league and may well be closing the gap. So who knows, we may try again in a few years.

By the way: a couple of seasons ago (seven or eight) we had the two top teams from the Belgian league join the Dutch league, much like the Austrian setup. They were also consistently bottom of the league however and that experiment was also shortlived.

Let me know if you have any other questions

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