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07-31-2007, 08:35 PM
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1. You measure by your ankle to knee measurement or ATK. Pads fit differently and having that measurement will help you in finding a pad that fits.

2. Right now you might find some closeout equipment at all stores with this years stuff just coming out...especially stuff that is not NHL-legal. Depending on your league you can get by with very nice pads for cheap if they don't care about NHL-legal sizing.

You can save some money by buying on eBay...getting some pro level stuff cheap(higher level stuff is more durable obviosuly and will help you save money in the long term). Having that ATK is helpful for that though though you miss out in sizing in person. Also maybe browse goalie forums online as many have classified ads on them. And maybe see if you can borrow stuff first to find out what you want...butterfly pads, etc.

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