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08-01-2007, 10:48 AM
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Originally Posted by white_tiger View Post
So exactly what that Doug has been talking about hasn;t or wont happen? You know Doug is not the HOckey side of teh Business right? He is the everything else side. Fan relations, running the Arena, while the GM worries about the actual guys on the ice.

Not sure what fluff you have been hearing from him. At the open house where he spoke to all of us it flat out said we wont win the Cup this year and likely wont be in the playoffs. That didn;t sound like fluff to me.
Ohhhh. Did Doug Moss talk to you at the open house last night and make you feel special. I made that post last week, I'm not sure why you are just bringing it up now.

Doug Moss is the president of the Coyotes. He oversees everything. He told us that he wanted to bring in under the radar $1 to 2M players and a proven number 1 goalie (Maloney actually said a top ten goalie). He told us that something huge was supposed to happen by the 4th of July (I am assuming it was in regards to goaltending), it never happened. I would like to know what that was. And he told me that Jovo was 100% healthy and would be a serious part of the team next season, but then they asked him to wiave the ntc?

I am confused about Doug Moss' attitude of we are not going to make it to the playoffs. You play the game to win the Stanley Cup. I know 29 teams will not win it, but you have to have the attitude that you are going to be the 1 team that takes it home. It's kind of the point of hockey. Who throws the towel in before the season even starts? And then at the same time they say that they are going to compete every game. So are they telling the players "we expect you to compete every night, but you are by no means good enough to make it to the playoffs". What kind of message is that to send to a team? If any of my coaches ever gave me that attitude I would have slapped them upside the head and found a new team to play for that had confidence in me and would have been dedicated to and taken pride in helping me give everything to the game and win.

I just don't think the Coyotes Execs know what they are doing. They seem very chaotic. It feels like they are not even trying.

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