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03-09-2004, 08:02 AM
Jacques Strappe
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My way-off predictions:
1. Atlanta will be the surprise of the east, giving the lowly southeast division 2 playoff spots. SURPRISE - THEY'RE NOT!
2. The Leafs would be too old and tired and end up fighting for 7th or 8th spot (which they could theoretically do - 7th that is)
3. The Jagr-Lang-Bondra trio in Washington would tear up the league and lead the Caps to the 3rd spot in the east. What an odd thing to predict considering none of these players even play for Washington eh! :p

My pretty danm good predictions:
1. Under the guidance of BG, the roster would work itself out and Habs finish 6th (could still happen). and the roster working itself out thing is along the lines of getting rid of Czerk, Mackay, Traverse (banished to AHL), etc.
2. Ribeiro would have a breakout season. I consider this to be true.
3. Theo would be back in form.

Non Habs

1. Bruins would be a force to be reckoned with and fight for 1st again as in '02.
2. However, I thought the Sens would be sure to finish 1st in the east. - not as overpowering as I thought they'd be.

I gotta admit I picked the Sens to win the cup.

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