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Originally Posted by n_a_c View Post
I voted 10 - I can't imagine we could have done much better.

Funny how one of the biggest complaints is that we didn't upgrade the defense, and another big complaint is that we traded Cullen instead of Malik (or Mara). I suppose lots of people value Malik (or Mara) much less than I do. I don't disagree that an upgrade to the defense would have been nice - but to do so under the cap would mean we'd need to make other sacrifices. And I'd rather stick with our existing D (hopefully + Staal) and get Drury & Gomez, rather than get a good D and one of the two centers.

I think the Cullen trade was the way to go and expect the Rangers to have a space for hopefully Dubinsky or Anisimov to step up at some point during the year. I wouldn't be surprised if it is Anisimov. If neither of them do, Dawes or a winger could, and then we'd have to push a winger to the center position. I don't expect we'll sign Peca. I'm not saying I'm happy about not knowing who are third line center will be, but this is MUCH better than not knowing who our second line center will be.

As for the contracts - given Sather's history of being stingy, and Shanahan's statement that he is returning, not sure how he ended up with 1.3 million more than last year. Perhaps what Shanahan stated publicly is different from what his agent said in private, and the raise was required to keep him. Otherwise, I'm puzzled.

Drury & Gomez - we paid market price. Perhaps they could have come for slightly less, but perhaps we'd have gotten neither of them and been screwed. Thrilled with the pickup.

Cherapanov - thrilled that we got him, although it undoubtedly is partially (mostly?) because of luck. I'd guess Sather thought he might still be available, but it clearly wasn't a given.
When i did my grade i completely forgot about Cherepanov!!! happy days!

I think you are spot on about the center pos. I'd rather try and fit a 3rd liner in instead of a key position like a 2nd line center.

Im happy with our D, it has done well for 2 years now, it almost shut down the juggernaught that was Buffalos offense. All i hope for is Staal can come in and do what we all think he can, be an impact player and necessitate a Malik trade!!

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